30+ Eggs-ceptional Easter Sunday Brunch Ideas | 2023

Brunch is a great way for the kids to wash down those chocolate eggs and for the adults to recharge after chasing those egg hunters.

You'll find a wide selection of egg and omelette recipes, as you'd expect.  Muffins of all types, of course.  Biscuits, scones, breads and spreads. Appetizers with seafood and fresh healthy salads.  It wouldn't be complete with a few variatons on your classics: pancakes, waffles, and French toast.

Some of the casseroles, you can prepare ahead of time and bake when you're ready.

Real recipes with real food by real cooks.

Asparagus Omelette

My favourite omelette, asparagus and cheddar, YUM !

Apple Butter -Sinfully Delicious

I have been making this tasty butter spread for a very long time, we have 5 apple trees in our back yard and this is a great way to use up apples. Spread this on toast or bagels and enjoy!!

Old English Breakfast Sausage Patties

These delicious old fashioned English Sausages are prefect for special weekend or holiday breakfasts. The aroma alone will have everyone up and waiting for breakfast. Count on compliments when you serve these sausages either linked or in patties and expect recipe requests. Recipe easily doubled or tripled and very freezer friendly.

Our Favourite Lemon Loaf

This is for lemon lovers. Very good warm or cold. (have been making this for years and cannot remember where it came from, probably from my Mom.)

Lobster Stuffed Mushrooms

Very decadent, but really delicious. I wouldn't necessarily take these to a potluck party, but these are wonderful to make for a small dinner party (10-12 people). Lobster can be a bit pricey, but for a small group they are really o good. Just watch for the sales on lobster and then it isn't too expensive. This makes approximately 36 mushrooms.

Cheddar Dill Scones

This is a recipe that my Sister in Law gave me.

~High Dumpsy Dearie~ Traditional English Autumn Fruit Jam

Nobody appears to know where this delightful name originated from, although it has been suggested that it was an enterprising farmer’s wife, using up her windfall fruit that came up with the quirky name. The jam is thought to originate from Worcestershire, although Gloucestershire also lays claim to it! Nevertheless, this is a wonderful jam, which makes full use of three of my favourite autumn...

Banana Crumb Muffins

I have been making this recipe for quite a while. I love how moist the muffins are and then the top has a wonderful crumb crunch.

Spinach Cakes with Gouda Cheese Sauce

Great for a buffet table with the cheese sauce served separately and the cakes cooked small. Delicious served any time !!

Deviled Eggs For 2

Sometimes the recipes for Deviled Eggs make way too many for just two people,so I created this recipe.If you like you can change the amounts of salt,pepper,and sugar according to your own personal taste.Prep time does not include boiling the eggs.Chill time is cook time.Posted to "ZAZZ" on July 29th.,2012

Rustic Salmon Pie

Delicious and easy, great for a special occasion or even a week day dinner. The pastry on this is luscious! I used frozen butter and grated it, made it sooo flaky and delicious!! I think one could use almost any filling, I used pink salmon, probably the soceye salmon would look prettier. I'm sure a beef or chicken mix would do well in this pastry too. Taken from on of those pull outs in a...

Mimi's Gingerbread Scones

I found this in a magazine years ago and loving gingerbread as I do, I had to try them. Great with a cup of tea. Also, whipped cream is good on top (smile).

Ham & Swiss Pinwheels

In memory of Pet's R Us, the idea come from her Sausage Pinwheels, a variation. Amazing what can be done with refrigerated crescent dinner rolls! Tasty appetizer and easy too.

Ida's Asparagus And Mushroom Quiche

This quiche is wonderful! The consistency is like a creamy custard with delicious asparagus and mushrooms, onions and cheese... Who could ask for more :) You may use a prepared crust for this recipe.

Eggs In Pepper Rings (For That Special Breakfast)

We were ever so impressed with these eggs served over the Easter Weekend. They are not only delicious but make for awesome presentation. Perfect for that special breakfast, great addition to brunch. Next time you have breakfast guests and want to add something special to impress your family and friends, give these eggs a try. I know they really impressed us! Best of all they are super easy to...

Baby New Potatoes With Butter & Chives

These buttery gems are sure to please any potato lover.

Pioneer Woman's Potato Salad

I found this on the Food Network, this is by Ree Drummond. Some changes were made to suit my my taste

Walnut Buttermilk Bread

Also good with pecans instead of walnuts.

French Herb Swirl Bread

I've had this recipe since I was a pre-teen. It's on a yellowed sheet of paper that is worn thin. The heading reads "Old World Breads Made Easy" - (Pillsbury, Around the World with Easy Recipes). I remember making it when I was a young teen (12 or 13) and though I hadn't mastered breads by any means, I remember it being very good. It was one of the first breads I made from scratch...

Sweet Pickled Plums & Cherries

I saw a recipe for this in a Food and Drink magazine and I just had to try it!! I have made this a few times now with a few tweaks to suit our taste buds. This is great with yogurt or with ice cream but it also makes a great side to any main meat. These keep for a couple of months in the refrigerator.

The Best Belgium Waffles Ever

A perfect waffle.

Soy-Ginger Deviled Eggs

I got the idea for this recipe after trying Mikekey's #recipe20288 These devilled eggs are divine!!

Tangy Tomato Salad

Very good way to use up those tomatoes! I came up with this one day when I had a bounty of tomatoes and was wondering what else to do with them! Enjoy!

Banana Spice Bread

Very moist bread -- this will drive you nuts as it's baking in the oven. Do not use green or firm bananas in this -- the bananas need to overly ripe so don't toss out those that are "black" -- instead make some Banana Spice Bread.

Buffalo Deviled Eggs

I have noticed that deviled eggs are making a comeback as a party food; they are a great game day or pot-luck snack/appetizer. I have been playing around, coming up with new recipes for different ways to make these interesting; this is so far up there as one of my favorites. If you do not have access to the Frank's RedHot Sauce, I have developed a copycat recipe for it and posted it here...

Summer Broccoli Salad

I have been making this for quite a while. It is so good any time of the year but I think of it mostly in the summer. You use the tiny broccoli flowers and depending on the size, cut some of them in half so they are all quite small. The recipe was given to me with no amounts; they just told me about how much of this and that. The recipe below is in approximate amounts so you can adjust it to...

French Toast With Caramelised Apple & Maple Syrup Bacon

From our Saturday paper The Weekend West as a Mother's Day special. Times are estimated. Enjoy this delicious & family-tested French Toast breakfast recipe.

Paula Deen's Praline French Toast Casserole

This one is a killer. I have served this may time for a brunch or for overnight guests. The prep time does NOT include the overnight soak time required in the recipe.

Cheesy Baked Eggs without Cottage Cheese

Super easy cheesy eggs baked in ramekins dish. As pictured.

Irish Ham & Cheddar Breakfast Bites

A fun breakfast for the kids, and easy clean-up for me! Everything is ready at the same time and there are very few dishes after cooking. You can add any herb or seasoning you like to the egg mixture. I've added minced jalapeno before, to give it a little kick. Make sure you use non-stick cooking spray (even if you're using a silicone muffin pan!) or the potatoes might stick to the...

Buttermilk Pecan Pancakes

This pancake recipe is perfect for 2 or 3 people. It makes a nice weekend breakfast. It makes approximately 4-6 pancakes, depending on how large or small you make them. If you want to serve them all at one time, you can warm them up in the microwave for just a few seconds before serving. Besure to add a bit of oil to the pan after each pancake is cooked.

Icelandic Pancakes - aka Pönnukökur

These "pancakes" are wildly popular across Scandinavia, but esp so in Iceland as I learned early-on after my arrival here almost 15 yrs ago. Most people in the US see them more as a crêpe than a pancake & use them for both sweet & savory fillings, but in Iceland they are almost exclusively a sweet treat. We will soon welcome Australian friends as guests for a visit & wanted them to enjoy the best...

Scrambled Pancake

This is a European classic. Some also call it 'soldiers breakfast' because it was cheap to make and emperor Joseph was involved somehow, they said he made or Invented it. Always served with a fruit topping; peaches, cherries, berries, wild plum, or applesauce.

Julie's Aretha Frankenstein’s Pancakes

A copycat pancake recipe of Aretha Frankenstein's restaurant. These are famous in Chattanooga.

Strawberry Sweetheart Streusel Muffins

For a Romantic touch, bake these in heart shaped muffin tins.

Blueberry Streusel Muffins

Just what you'd expect from a blueberry streusel muffin.

Apple Walnut Muffins

A delicious muffin to make for breakfast or brunch. Makes 6 large muffins or 24 regular.

Jalapeno Corn Muffins With Honey Butter

These are yummy, no cheese in this one but the honey or maple butter fits perfectly here, even with the jalapeño. Recipe makes 8 muffins so for small families it wont be to much. Just double the amounts for more. From TOH

Chocolate Macaroon Muffins

Given here is a chocolate muffin made with an interesting filling made of coconut, condensed milk and almond extract. A welcoming treat to be had at breakfast adjoined with tea, coffee or as an afternoon or evening snack after an enjoyable meal.

Coffee Coconut Muffins

Great with your morning coffee.

Cranberry Orange Muffins

I like cranberries and have made these many times. Posted for the YWW tag game.

Crab Muffins

This recipe was given to me many years ago by a co-worker, KATHY STERLING, whose family owned and operated a crab processing plant on the eastern shore of MD. I am posting this here in memory of Kathy, she died of advanced breast and bone cancer 10 years ago. This is a family favorite.

Cheese & Bacon Breakfast Muffins

This one was given to me by a girlfriend and it was yummy (we had regular size). Still have to make it myself. I have included cooking the bacon in the cooking time. UPDATE quizzed the girlfriend, she gave the recipe as is not as she does - so o'kay the difference is she used 6 slices of short rindless bacon (which is basically just the bacon meat only - no fat), therefore yes you would...