25 Leftover Christmas Turkey Recipe Ideas

Looking for turkey leftover recipes? Everyone knows that after a wonderful Christmas feast there will be lots of yummy leftovers. But why heat up the same feast? From Buttery Herb Roasted Turkey Breast, Turkey Roulade, Curry Leftover Turkey and Ground Beef Turkey Stir-fry there is something for everyone!

Buttery Herb Roasted Turkey Breast

I can't take total credit for this recipe. It is a mix of 2 or 3 very common recipes found on the web. But after playing around with the various recipes, this is my favorite. The turkey has a butter and herb mix stuffed under the skin of the breast and then basted as the turkey cooks with that same butter. The gravy is a mix of white wine, chicken broth and brandy. It is so easy to make and it...

Turkey Picadillo In Puff Pastry Cups

A spicy turkey picadillo served in pretty little puff pastry cups. Made for Ready...Set...Cook 2018 on FF&F.

Savory Turkey Burgers Stuffed With Goat Cheese

Ground turkey is so tasteless, so whenever I make turkey burgers, I always add a lot of extras. This recipe really fills the bill.

Simple Curried Leftover Chicken/Turkey

This is so easy - make it as light curry or spicy. Just start out by added 1/2 teaspoon up until you get it as hot as you like. Serve over rice with whatever toppings you enjoy. I like chopped sweet onion with chopped tomatoes & bananas. Mango chutney on the side. You may enjoy shredded coconut drizzled over. It's up to you to add whatever you will enjoy.

Turkey Pot Pie With Potato Topping

This recipe is one I have been making for a very long time. Up to now I had never taken the time to write the ingredients and amounts I used to put it together. I use potato flour to thicken the sauce because of a gluten allergy, but you can use all-purpose flour. If you are lactose intolerant, any other type of milk can be used.

Rosemary Mustard Turkey Meatballs

These are great tasting turkey meatballs that I make and freeze for future use. I make loads of these at a time, cook them up, and and freeze them in airtight containers. They are great in pasta sauces and meatball subs or even just warm them up and serve as appetizer with a tomato dipping sauce. This makes about 30 meatballs.

Turkey Roulade (Stuffed Turkey Breasts)

Begged this impressive and festive recipe from a good friend. Love when good friends share! Not only impressive but incredibly delicious as well. Adds an elegance to the holiday table and wows the guests. While guests hardly believe you've made it yourself, it is surpassingly easy to make. Makes for great presentation making your holiday table one that will awe your guests.

Turkey Burgers With Cranberry-Apple Relish

The cranberry-apple relish can be made a day ahead, so this can be a great weeknight meal, ready in no time! To change things up, you can use Swiss or Provolone instead of cheddar.

Peppy Ground Turkey Stuffed Peppers

Using ground turkey instad of ground beef cuts back on calories & fat content. It still can have lots of flavour - this recipe does. Use whatever oolour pepper that is on sale that week. I like my pepper just heatd through so it is actually still like raw but warm. If you like your pepper soft pre cook them in boiling water for 3 minutes or microwave them for a minute or so. There is always...

Creamy Corn & Leftover Turkey Soup

This recipe is among my faves from the realsimpledotcom site, 1 of my best resources for easy-fix & make-ahead ideas great for weeknight meals or that easily convert to serving guests. It's both adult & kid-friendly & also a pretty cool way to use holiday leftovers or warm yourself w/comfort food on a chilly fall/winter night. This can also be used as a starter if served in smaller portions....

Enchiladas Suizas con Tomatillos Frescos

I love Mexican/Tex Mex food and this tasty Enchilada Suizas are made with chicken (or even leftover turkey), fresh tomatillos and served with a side of home-made tomatillo relish. It is Yum! My family devoured these in no time. Source: Our Latin Table

Ground Turkey & Cabbage Stir-Fry

This is a tasty low-cal, low-fat recipe I really enjoy. It is quick and easy to put together so it is perfect for a busy weeknight meal.

Easy Baked Pecan Crusted Turkey Tenderloins

Super easy to prepare and bake. I happen to like to serve this with a savory white wine cranberry sauce; but, these are also great to serve as is. Or, they are delicious added to a salad. Plain cranberry sauce, a spicy mustard aioli/dip; or a sweet maple cranberry dip would also be delicious. So, there are many ways to enjoy these. Kids love a maple/ranch dressing; or, a honey/mustard dip too.

Turkey/Chicken Chilaquiles Casserole

This is my daughters favorite recipe for leftover turkey. I love it too! It seems time consuming but it does go together quickly once you have everything ready. I got it out of an old cookbook magazine called Fresh Turkey Ideas. We really look forward to Thanksgiving just to have this as our traditional left over. Hope you enjoy!

Delicious Turkey Wings

Are you looking for a great way to use up those inexpensive turkey wings you see packaged up at the butcher shop? Well this is a tasty way to serve them up.

Turkey Pepperoni Burgers

These burgers have been made many times and are one of my favorite turkey burgers. The addition of pepperoni gives it such a nice punch of flavor, not to mention the other addition of the herbs, garlic, lemon, and the flavored mayonnaise add to its success. Source is from that other site, submitted by LoriMama, with some additional changes of my own.

Impossible Turkey Pie

A nice way to use up leftover cooked turkey.

Turkey Cashew Hot Dish

Can do in in a crockpot and cook for 3 hours

Turkey Bacon Loaf With Attitude

I find ground turkey usually turns out so dry and gritty and usually quite bland. By adding minced bacon to the ground turkey you get a moist and juicy loaf and it adds some great flavor, also the addition of rice absorbs the fat from the bacon and keeps the loaf together quite nicely. This is on the spicy side which is how we like it but you can easily tone this down by decreasing the hot pepper...

Mushroom Turkey Casserole

This is a great way to use up the leftovers after a turkey dinner. Do not overcook your rice mixture or this will turn out soggy, the rice should be slightly under done before putting this in the oven. If gluten intolerant make sure you are using gluten free cream of mushrooms soup.

Turkey Pies

From one of our national supermarkets. Please note that our puff pastry sheets are about 22c to 24cm square.

Turkey-Pumpkin Meatloaf

I was hungry for meatloaf and thought I had all of the ingredients on hand to make my old standby from Quaker Oats cookbook (which I make with turkey instead of beef). Lo and behold what I thought was tomato sauce lurking in the back of the pantry turned out to be something else. I didn't want to go out to the store and I dislike catsup in my meatloaf. I had a partial can of cooked pumpkin...

Turkey Tetrazzini

Great noodle dish that you can make with leftover turkey or even chicken. Has a touch of nutmeg for that special flavor. Recipe courtesy of Karen.

Easy As Can Be Creamed Turkey & Veggies

Here's one more recipe that was posted to another site back in 2005. ORIGINAL DESCRIPTION:" If you are looking for a recipe to use that last bit of turkey, look no further here it is. I serve this over mashed potatoes. You can even serve this over noodles or rice." My niece, DarksLight who is a member here gave me her permission to use her photo.This recipe would also work with leftover...

Turkey Taco Salad

This is a great salad I make often. It serves 4 as a main dish or 6 side salads. For dairy free, use veggie cheese shreds and tofutti sour cream. For gluten free, make sure your taco seasoning, nachos or corn chips are gluten free.