30 Blueberry Recipes We Are Completely In Love With

If you are like us and love blueberries, then you'll love these cobblers, muffins, salads, pies main and more delicious summer favorites. For more blueberry recipes check out our blueberries category. Click here.

Martha's Blueberry Buckle

Here's another of those old fashioned desserts that is unpretentious and says "Hey I'm from Maine". We love blueberries in New England (and so do I) and this simple dessert is another one of those oldies but goodies. Source: Recipes from a very Small Island

Blueberry Boy Bait

This is the recipe that won second place in the junior division for Chicago teenager Renny Powell in Pillsbury's fifth Grand National recipe contest (later to become the Pillsbury Bake-off). This is the original recipe, not one of the more elaborate "improved" versions that aren't really similar. Adapted from Pillsbury's 5th Grand National 100 Prize-Winning Recipes. I don't...

Big Ramona's Blueberry Cheesecake Squares

Graham cracker crust, cheese cake middle where it is then topped with blueberries and a whipped topping of your choice, makes for a delightful finale to your evening meal. NOTE: Overnight setting time has not been included in the prep. time.

Watchtide's Lemon-Blueberry-Zucchini Bread

From Yankee magazine. Makes 2 loaves/14 slices each

Fresh Berry and Goat Cheese Salad

This is a lovely fresh salad I enjoy when the berries are in season. It is very easy to put together and tastes great!! I have at times used feta cheese instead of goat cheese and it is delicious that way also.

Blueberry Scones From The Kitchen of Paula Smith

Having blueberries on hand and needing to do something with them, I looked at various recipes and took a little from this and a little from that to come up with this recipe for Blueberry Scones.

Blueberry Sage Ginger Jam

A very fresh and summerly jam. The sage goes well together with the blueberries and the ginger add a splash or spicy freshness. This blueberry jam is flavored with fresh sage and freshly grated ginger. In this method I use Dr. Oetker's "Gelling Sugar", which already contains pectin. The "Extra Gelling Sugar 2:1" reduces the amount of needed sugar by half of the fruit weight. This makes the...

Blueberry Bars

We enjoyed these bars and have been making them whenever we are lucky enough to have blueberries on hand. They are a bit of work but we think they are worth it! Recipe source: The Finnish Cookbook

Cream Cheese Blueberry Muffins With Lemon Glaze

This was originally a Taste Of Home recipe that I found on Bunny's Warm Oven Blog. She adapted it a little and I made it her way using lemon and milk. These muffins are extremely delicious, light, moist and the lemon glaze gives them a little bit of sweet, while the blueberry taste shines through. There's also the crunch from the pecans, which I love. I cut the recipe in half and...

Blueberry Milk

This is a slightly tweaked recipe for Blueberry Milk from Gimme Some Oven. The original calls for cows milk, but after trying several "milks", I think it's best with almond. Just use whatever you like best! I've tried not straining the syrup, but just love the velvety feel and texture of the strained product, so I'll continue to strain it. Also, if you love that blueberries are...

Blueberry Pie Gluten Free

This is a simple recipe that you can make with fresh or frozen berries. I use my #recipe10960 recipe for this, but you can use your favourite if you prefer.

Triple Berry Pie

A lovely pie I make with frozen berries when fresh berries are out of season.

Blueberry Oatmeal Squares

Love Blueberries ?!?

Blueberry Lemonade

I'd seen something like this at the grocery store but decided to make it myself.

Herbed Mixed Berry Salad

This is an easy but very tasty fresh fruit salad I enjoy when berries are in season.

Mixed Berry & Apple Pie

I used blueberries and Saskatoon berries with the chopped apple, mmm mmm delicious!! Any mix of berries you like can be used with the apples.

Fruit Juice Breakfast Shake

I got this recipe out of "Smoothies and Summer Drinks" recipe booklet. Ran across this one and wanted to share. Just can't keep a good thing to myself! Kept my filled all morning ang you can take it on the go with you! Cook time is the process time which is actually less than one minute.

Blueberry Buttermilk-Oatmeal Drop Scones

An easy to mix, no-knead recipe for those of us who aren't experienced bakers! This was a Taste of Home recipe that called for dried cranberries & apricots - I added frozen blueberries instead and think the "marble" effect of the blueberry juice was sort of attractive...

Fat-Free Blueberry Yogurt Muffins

A peeled grated apple may be used in place of the blueberries

A Very Simple Berry Sauce

A wonderful simple sauce for any type of berries, topping for cheesecakes, ice cream, angelcake, almost any dessert you can think of, very yummy and not too sweet, taste the fruit not the sugar.

Blueberry Dream Pie

This pie is delish and you can create cute little designs to put on it rather then a full crust.

Lemon Berry Puffs

These are so delicious!! Great company dessert or just for the family to enjoy, very easy to do especially if you use frozen vol-au-vent shells.

10 minute Blueberry Layer Cake

I don't do many desserts but company was coming, like in 2 hours, so I hustled out to the local bakery and bought 2 sponge cakes, had the other ingredients at home. I came up with this recipe and my friends raved about it so I decided to share it with you. It is almost like a trifle

Lemon Cream Cheese Pie with Berries (no cook)

A special occasion dessert or just for love ! Must be made at least once during berry season in the summer!!

Blueberry Spinach Salad With Grilled Chicken

Adapted from a recipe on the Maine Recipes web site, from Blue Bird Ranch Family Restaurant. Changed up some ingredients and amounts to suit out taste

Moist Blueberry Cake

A KC favorite! I most always make this using blueberries and cranberries, this is one of my favorite cakes, in place of the cinnamon/sugar topping a white glaze can be drizzled on top. This cake stays moist for days but don’t worry it won’t last that long, yes it is that good!

Blueberry Apples

A favourite winter dessert, fresh blueberries from the freezer are sooo delicious with baked apples, even better in the summer using fresh blueberries, try other berries too, fresh or frozen cranberries are wonderful !

Shirley's Plain Or Fresh Fruit Muffins

Muffins don't come any better than these :) If you want to make regular muffins, you can leave out the fresh fruit and just decrease the sugar as stated in the recipe. No Kiddin', these are great! I love mine with a nice hot cup of cocoa... Yum!

Green Tea Fruit Smoothie

This recipe courtesy of Prevention Magazine. Green tea is known to give your metabolism an added jolt and also this recipe is especially good for breakfast skippers. The original recipe calls for using blueberries, but any type of fruit would work.