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Western Beans
47 calories
Western Beans Submitted by: JoanWagnerTeller

I've used red beans in this recipe. The sauce makes 20 servings or 2½ cups. Leftover sauce can be used to season beans and other foods.

Tequila Lime Chicken
268 calories
Spicy Thai Peanut Sauce
1193 calories
Spicy Thai Peanut Sauce Submitted by: Fizzybrat

This is great with Thai food. Chili flakes can be adjusted for more or less heat. Makes 3 cups

Panamanian Carimañolas (Meat Filled Yucca Fritters)
867 calories
Panamanian Carimañolas (Meat Filled Yucca Fritters) Submitted by: ForeverMama

Carimañola is a traditional dish from Panama but also popular in other countries in South America. It is a fritter made of yucca that is stuffed with a beef picadillo type of filling.

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Spicy Breaded Chicken Coated In A Glaze
321 calories
Spicy Breaded Chicken Coated In A Glaze Submitted by: Bethany

This is a really good dish you can make it as spicy as you like. This can be served as a main dish with cooked rice or as an appetizer

Jalapeno Mexican Rice
251 calories
Thai Shrimp Dumplings
52 calories
Thai Shrimp Dumplings Submitted by: Fizzybrat Category: Shellfish

These are a bit time consuming to make, but so very worth the effort. The filling is very easy to make and very flavorful. it's the folding the dumplings that takes the most time. These are wonderful with thew sauce but equaly...

Twisted Guacamole
195 calories
Twisted Guacamole Submitted by: Fizzybrat

A very simple and tasty guacamole.

Outdoor Barbecued Tandoori Chicken
318 calories
Outdoor Barbecued Tandoori Chicken Submitted by: Fizzybrat

Very tasty grilled chicken. This can marinade for as little as 8 hrs, but the longer it marinades the more tender it is.

Grilled Cornbread & Mozzarella Melts
159 calories
Guacamole Autentico
187 calories
Vegetable Jhalfraizee
793 calories
Vegetable Jhalfraizee Submitted by: ForeverMama

The capital city of Himachal Pradesh in India, Shimla has many farms of capsicum (peppers). Hence, the Hindi name. This particular dish stars the Bell Pepper and is joined with other tasty veggies, and Indian spices to liven the...

Coconut Crusted Shrimp
26 calories
Coconut Crusted Shrimp Submitted by: Fizzybrat Category: Shellfish

Sweet and spicy shrimp. Very tasty.

Chicken Jalfrezi
389 calories
Chicken Jalfrezi Submitted by: ForeverMama

There’s nothing like a specially-spiced, perfectly-pitched curry for your dinner. Here in this recipe home-made curry matches chicken that celebrate that flavors of India.

Caribbean Style Chicken With Peanut Brown Sugar Spice Rub
753 calories
Caribbean Style Chicken With Peanut Brown Sugar Spice Rub Submitted by: Fizzybrat

Lovely and very tasty chicken. This does have a bit of a kick to it.

Aguachile - Guatemalan Shrimp Ceviche
281 calories
Aguachile - Guatemalan Shrimp Ceviche Submitted by: JostLori

Fiery chiles are the perfect counterpart to lime drenched sweet shrimp and crisp sharp radishes in this easy version of a classic Guatemalan ceviche.

Tikka Boti (Indian Style Kebab w/ Meat of Choice)
709 calories
Tikka Boti (Indian Style Kebab w/ Meat of Choice) Submitted by: ForeverMama

Given in this recipe is a tikka / grilled recipe of the Indian persuasion. The minced papaya is used to tenderize the meat, but does not present a fruit-like taste to the finished product. Use long metal skewers for this dish and...

Sriracha Shrimp Skewers (Spicy)
329 calories
Sriracha Shrimp Skewers (Spicy) Submitted by: RecipeGirl Category: Shellfish

Because these babies are so good I advise to double the shrimp amount. Watch them disappear very quickly!.

Tandoori Chicken
719 calories
Tandoori Chicken Submitted by: breezermom

Chicken prepared roasting yogurt and spice marinated chicken in a tandoor, a cylindrical clay oven. It is popular in India and Pakistan and has become popular in other parts of the world through restaurants serving food from the...

Basil Cheddar Crisps
87 calories
Basil Cheddar Crisps Submitted by: Fizzybrat Category: Dairy

Curried Pea Samosas
286 calories
Curried Pea Samosas Submitted by: ImPat

From Recipe + March '17. Yield is 24 somas as, 6 serves = 4 per person.