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Spicy Plum Chutney
219 calories
Spicy Plum Chutney Submitted by: Tisme

A spicy chutney that will improve as it keeps. Any type plum should do for this recipe. Serve on a cheese or meat platter for a delicious condiment. The serving size will depend on the size jars you use. Makes 4 jars

Roast Tomato Relish
232 calories
Roast Tomato Relish Submitted by: Tisme

This relish is a lovely relish to serve with cheese, on sangers, with meat. Whatever takes your fancy. I have cut the sugar down a little in this recipe (from my original recipe) as I found the last batch a little sweet. I have made 2 ...

Roasted Sesame Paste
129 calories
Roasted Sesame Paste Submitted by: ellie

Recipe source: local newspaper Can be stored, covered, in the refrigerator makes 3/4 cup

Chipotles In Adobo Sauce
38 calories
Chipotles In Adobo Sauce Submitted by: ellie

A staple that will keep for up to one month in the refrigerate. This makes 16 chipotles in sauce. Recipe source: Christopher Kimball's Milk Street Magazine (March/April 2017)

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Sweet & Spicy Blackberry BBQ Sauce
302 calories
Sweet & Spicy Blackberry BBQ Sauce Submitted by: Kchurchill5 "RIP" Forever in our Kitchen

This is a quick and easy 'jazzed up' BBQ sauce. Perfect to serve on grilled chicken, pork or seafood. Chicken happens to be my favorite; but, grilled tuna or salmon is equally as good - especially salmon. And, don't...

Cranberry Apple Chutney
449 calories
Cranberry Apple Chutney Submitted by: Luvcookn

Not just for Christmas, this chutney is wonderful on chicken/turkey sandwiches anytime of the year! You can also pair it with a warmed round of brie or camembert cheese and serve with crackers. Yields 5 jars

Tomato Kasundi
413 calories
Tomato Kasundi Submitted by: Tisme

This is my new favourite thing to serve with all sorts of things. Kasundi is a new thing here which is starting to pop up everywhere. It goes well with poached eggs and cheese, and is also a great recipe to complement anything that...

Spiced Pumpkin Coffee Creamer
110 calories
Spiced Pumpkin Coffee Creamer Submitted by: ForeverMama

This coffee creamer adds yummy pumpkin flavor to your morning coffee that is to be especially enjoyed during Autumn or anytime. Note that because it is required to add a serving size, I approximated about 1/4 cup (more-or-less) for...

Spiced Pumpkin Butter
33 calories
Spiced Pumpkin Butter Submitted by: ForeverMama

This butter can be smeared over toast, on a muffin, waffles, pancakes, and scones. The possibilities are endless. (*The serving size noted has been deemed for 36 people, but each serving is measured as 2 tablespoons.*)

Emeril's Homemade Steak Sauce
70 calories
Emeril's Homemade Steak Sauce Submitted by: ForeverMama

I can no longer find Emeril's steak sauce. I particularly liked using it as an ingredient in #recipe16565 where I found that it made it taste extra special as opposed to some other brands. But seeing that it is no longer sold in...

Easy Apricot Raisin Sauce for Ham
473 calories
Easy Apricot Raisin Sauce for Ham Submitted by: Bergy

This is very tasty and quick to put together.

Deathly Habanero Salsa
50 calories
Deathly Habanero Salsa Submitted by: TeresaS

This is a recipe that my daughter had. Remember to wear gloves when working with habanero peppers.

Habanero Peach Butter
301 calories
Habanero Peach Butter Submitted by: ellie

Keep in the freezer wrapped in plastic wrap and just cut off what you need -- add to fish, chicken or pork! Makes 3 cups. Recipe source: The Turtle Bay Cookbook

Mocha Syrup
159 calories
Mocha Syrup Submitted by: twissis

This handy little recipe was actually part of another BHG recipe for chocolate waffles w/ice cream topped w/this syrup. BUT it was the syrup that got my attention because of the wider range of uses that immediately came to mind. I hope...

Horseradish-Dill Butter
57 calories
Horseradish-Dill Butter Submitted by: Linky

This goes well with grilled or boiled corn-on-the-cob. It would also be lovely as a topping for steak. Use your imagination!

Creamy Corn Dip
312 calories
Creamy Corn Dip Submitted by: twissis

The holiday are ahead & it's the best time to discover new taste sensations as recipe sites give us special ways to add to our holiday meal-plans. Realsimpledotcom does that for me year-rd, but lately more than usual. This tasty...

Fried Tomato BLT's With Cilantro Lime Mayo
628 calories
Fried Tomato BLT's With Cilantro Lime Mayo Submitted by: twissis

This is the 2nd recipe I've entered today by Becky Hardin, a favorite blogger from thecookierookiedotcom site. Here's what she had to say about this recipe: "When you reach age 30 & don’t know how to cook A single thing, it’s...

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Spice Blend
34 calories
Spice Blend Submitted by: ellie

Why buy spice blends when most of the ingredients are in the cupboard anyways. Recipe source: Bake from Scratch (Fall 2016) Makes 1/2 cup -- it is suggested to use this for pretzels but I can see using it for many many things.

Crock Pot Apple Butter
177 calories
Crock Pot Apple Butter Submitted by: Kchurchill5 "RIP" Forever in our Kitchen

A perfect Fall recipe. And, it's so easy, just a few ingredients; and, it comes out great every time. Simply store in your favorite mason jars; and, refrigerate or freeze until ready to use. I make this every year; but, never has...

Seasoning Salt
15 calories
Seasoning Salt Submitted by: ellie

Easy and fast and you probably have everything in the pantry to make your own seasoning salt. Makes 1/3 cup and can be stored in a cool dry place.

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Dairy Free Garlic Bread Spread
255 calories
Dairy Free Garlic Bread Spread Submitted by: QueenBea

My daughter was recently told that she has to follow a strict dairy free diet because she is nursing her baby who has a dairy allergy. I wanted to serve garlic bread along with pasta so I was on the hunt for a dairy free alternative...

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