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Sesame Honey Prawns
520 calories
Sesame Honey Prawns Submitted by: ImPat

From Recipe+ Oct.'16. Please note that the frozen prawn cuts are crumbed.

Julie Nixon's Chicken Bake
1081 calories
Julie Eisenhower's Chicken Divan
605 calories
Julie Eisenhower's Chicken Divan Submitted by: dienia b

Julie Eisenhower's Chicken Divan is one that I have used since the 60s. I believe she gave it while on the old Mike Douglas daytime talk show. I just thought I would give you a few changes to make it authentic! (g) OK…she...

Nixon Chicken Casserole
892 calories
Nixon Chicken Casserole Submitted by: dienia b

Pat Nixon liked chicken alot and that's what she had in the White house, this was supposed to be president Nixon's favorite

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Ham & Cheddar Frittata
209 calories
Ham & Cheddar Frittata Submitted by: TeresaS

This is out of my Low Carb Magic cookbook.

Oven Roasted Broccoli With Breadcrumbs
281 calories
Oven Roasted Broccoli With Breadcrumbs Submitted by: VegGirl

Garlicy breadcrumbs nestling into the nooks and crannies of the cooked florets.

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Broccoli Gnocchi
594 calories
Broccoli Gnocchi Submitted by: MsPia

When I buy broccoli usually comes with lost of leaves, that I hate throwing away, so I recicle them by steaming and chopping and using in this gnocchi recipe. Gnocchi are very easy to freeze. I always use half and freeze the rest.

Shaved Broccoli Stalk Salad With Lime
145 calories
Shaved Broccoli Stalk Salad With Lime Submitted by: breezermom

Great way to use up what many of us throw away! Broccoli stalks.

Shrimp & Broccoli Scampi
554 calories
Shrimp & Broccoli Scampi Submitted by: breezermom

Quick meal for a weeknight or when you are in a hurry. The cornstarch mix helps the garlic sauce stick to the pasta, so don't leave it out.

Broccoli & Cheese Oven-Baked Fritters
50 calories
Broccoli & Cheese Oven-Baked Fritters Submitted by: Tisme

I found this recipe on a recipe card from the fruit market. My DH is not a broccoli fan, but he really enjoyed these. Served with sweet chilli sauce these were wonderful although DH did prefer tomato sauce. For a gluten free version,...

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Creamy Broccoli-Gorgonzola Soup
492 calories
Creamy Broccoli-Gorgonzola Soup Submitted by: MsPia

Very easy and fulfilling soup.

Cheesy Broccoli Bacon Quiche
589 calories
Cheesy Broccoli Bacon Quiche Submitted by: MsPia

A basic quiche recipe. You can use store bought pie crust or #recipe17622

Chicken & Mushroom Bake
922 calories
Chicken & Mushroom Bake Submitted by: ImPat

From one of our national supermarkets and their monthly magazine.

Broccoli-Spinach Soup
192 calories
Broccoli-Spinach Soup Submitted by: MsPia

Inspired by Martha Stewart. I usually make this soup using the broccoli's woody green stems. I hate to through them away. I peel the tough, stringy outer skin off with a vegetable peeler.

Quick Ramen Stir-Fry With Broccoli, Carrots & Mushrooms
684 calories
Quick Ramen Stir-Fry With Broccoli, Carrots & Mushrooms Submitted by: Marcia.T

Besides the taste, the reason you will love this vegetarian dish is it's whipped up in less than 15 minutes! A quick, hearty, easy, delicious meal, you won’t even notice the absence of meat, but you could throw some in if you like

Broccoli & Cheese Brown Rice Casserole
519 calories
Broccoli & Cheese Brown Rice Casserole Submitted by: Red Apple Guy

Quick and contains some fiber.

Broccoli Rice/Arroz de Brócolos
253 calories
Broccoli Rice/Arroz de Brócolos Submitted by: Lynn (diner524)

A recipe from "Pasto - Portuguese Food Blog by Pedro Rebelo". Posting this for the Culinary Quest 2016. Here is what he states about the dish: "Mixing rice and broccoli never struck me as a natural combination until I saw it as a...

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Sicilian-Style Broccoli Rabe with Eggplant & Capers
157 calories
Sicilian-Style Broccoli Rabe with Eggplant & Capers Submitted by: twissis

Found @ seriouseatsdotcom & entered here for play in Culinary Quest #3, this recipe is full of the flavors of the Mediterranean Greek Isles that Siggi & I enjoy. I admit I had to do a bit of research on broccoli rabe. If you're as...

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Slow Cooker Beef & Broccoli
474 calories
Slow Cooker Beef & Broccoli Submitted by: brooke lemon

This taste just as good as take out

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Stir Fried Veggies With Ginger
439 calories
Stir Fried Veggies With Ginger Submitted by: Bergy

Veggie stir-fries are so healthy and so good. The ginger makes this recipe special. I like to be sure to leave the veggies quite crisp. Use young crisp fresh beans.If you love veggies two people can devour the whole recipe. This recipe...

Broccoli Slaw With Cranberry Orange Dressing
358 calories
Broccoli Slaw With Cranberry Orange Dressing Submitted by: JostLori

Perfect for serving alongside pulled pork or with seafood.

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