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Italian Spaghetti
262 calories
Italian Spaghetti Submitted by: JoanWagnerTeller

My mother gave this recipe to me over 50 years ago, and she got it from a friend with an Italian heritage. I've never known it to fail, and everyone likes it. It should be served with hot boiled pasta and freshly grated Parmesan...

Frosé (Frozen Rosé)
138 calories
Frosé (Frozen Rosé) Submitted by: JostLori

Summer 2017's newest cocktail fad. This version is a bit easier, as it doesn't require you to freeze the rosé into cubes. Just dump everything into the blender, and voila! (Strawberry simple syrup is easy to make... equal...

Stir-Fried Beef & Broccoli
402 calories
Stir-Fried Beef & Broccoli Submitted by: JoanWagnerTeller

Serve over boiled rice. The broccoli may be cooked in hot oil in a skillet before the onions. Stir-fry 3 minutes and remove. The broccoli comes out firmer when done in a skillet but its color is more attractive when it is boiled.

Boeuf Bourguigon
418 calories
Boeuf Bourguigon Submitted by: JoanWagnerTeller

This can be served over rice or noodles.

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Pork Medallions With Red Wine-Cherry Sauce
205 calories
Pork Medallions With Red Wine-Cherry Sauce Submitted by: TeresaS

This is out of the July 2017 Cooking Light Magazine. It says to try a Merlot or Cabernet for the wine, or sub in unsalted chicken stock.

Ethiopian Mushroom Sauté Or Ingudai Tibs
75 calories
Ethiopian Mushroom Sauté Or Ingudai Tibs Submitted by: lazyme

Ingudai tibs or Inguday tibs is an Ethiopian mushroom sauté that is simple to make but tastes wonderfully complex. Ingudai means mushroom and tibs means to saute.

Mussels in Cream Sauce (Mouclade à la crème)
1372 calories
Mussels in Cream Sauce (Mouclade à la crème) Submitted by: Tisme

This recipe comes from a wonderful cookbook which my mother gave to me many years ago.

Chilli Prawns
325 calories
Chilli Prawns Submitted by: Tisme

This recipe comes from a very old cookbook which I have had for many years. The addition of chilli to the prawns adds a spicy flavour. It is suggested this recipe served over spaghetti, but I think rice would work well also.

White Sangria
127 calories
White Sangria Submitted by: JostLori

The perfect summertime drink! This one's easy and oh-so-delicious!!!

Italian Chicken With Rosemary & Tomato Sauce
288 calories
Italian Chicken With Rosemary & Tomato Sauce Submitted by: MsPia

This Italian-style casserole will warm you up, and it's great value too. Pairs wonderful with some fresh pasta.

Phyllo Chicken Pie
413 calories
Phyllo Chicken Pie Submitted by: MsPia

It depends what veggies I have in the fridge, the filling might change. Mushrooms are good, broccoli... Also, some times I add some curry for a change.

Slow Cooker Spanish Chicken
720 calories
Slow Cooker Spanish Chicken Submitted by: MsPia

This slow-cooked stew is packed with Mediterranean flavour from chorizo, olives, tomatoes and peppers. The meat will fall off the bone. Serve with saffron rice and mop up the sauce with bread. I usually sub the chorizo for Italian...

Pork Gyros
267 calories
Pork Gyros Submitted by: ellie

Marinated pork needs to be chilled overnight. Recipe source: Bon Appetit (June 2006)

Braised Lamb Shank Ravioli
951 calories
Braised Lamb Shank Ravioli Submitted by: MsPia

For all the lamb lover out there. And...the slow food followers. This is no quickie...get some friends in the kitchen with you and a couple glasses of wine...and you will be just fine. Bon Appétit 2016.

Pan-Fried Chicken Breasts In Mushroom Sauce
625 calories
Chicken With Wine, Tarragon & Green Beans
674 calories
Chicken With Wine, Tarragon & Green Beans Submitted by: MsPia

Tarragon and chicken is a classic match, and this easy chicken dish is ready in thirty minutes. It's perfect for a mid-week meal. Mashed potatoes goes well with the sauce too.

Roasted Chicken Thighs With Lemon & Oregano
441 calories
Roasted Chicken Thighs With Lemon & Oregano Submitted by: MsPia

Important***let the skin render and brown*** Recipe by Chris Morocco

Holiday Sweet Potatoes
380 calories
Holiday Sweet Potatoes Submitted by: JoanWagnerTeller

Not just for holidays, these sweet potatoes are flavorful. The sherry makes them special.

Riesling Plum Spritz
778 calories
Riesling Plum Spritz Submitted by: ImPat

From one of our national supermarkets and their monthly magazine Jan/Feb. '17.

White Wine Pizza Dough
190 calories
White Wine Pizza Dough Submitted by: ForeverMama

Russ Faulk indicates that making pizza dough from scratch really isn’t a lot of work. He used to dig out the mixer and use the dough hook for kneading, but the dough actually doesn’t need to be worked enough to bother with the mixer....

Pasta With Garlicky Marsala Mushrooms
1148 calories
Pasta With Garlicky Marsala Mushrooms Submitted by: JostLori

The method and ingredients yield delicious mushrooms with a depth of flavor I've not found in other recipes! This recipe comes together very quickly if you prep all the ingredients before starting. Adapted from a Food & Wine...