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Middle Eastern Baked Rice Pudding
244 calories
Middle Eastern Baked Rice Pudding Submitted by: ImPat

From Recipe+ magazine July 2016.

40 Second Microwave Chocolate Brownie Puddings
142 calories
40 Second Microwave Chocolate Brownie Puddings Submitted by: ImPat

From Better Homes and Gardens Australian Diabetic Living. A quick easy dessert for 2.

Lemon Delicious Pudding
359 calories
Lemon Delicious Pudding Submitted by: ImPat

From Better Homes and Gardens Australian diabetic Living. Love tarty desserts and this one looks good.

Golden Syrup Dumplings
327 calories
Golden Syrup Dumplings Submitted by: ImPat

Didn't think this recipe could be made diabetic friendly so was so happy to see this version in Australian Better Homes and Gardens Diabetic Living, an old Australian classic dessert.

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Agave Chocolate Cake
313 calories
Agave Chocolate Cake Submitted by: Mikekey

A healthier chocolate cake. If desired, fill and frost with #recipe23139. Make a double batch of the genache to make sure you have plenty. Save the leftovers for topping ice cream or fruit, etc

Coconut Almond Tart Or Cheesecake Crust (Low Carb)
228 calories
Coconut Almond Tart Or Cheesecake Crust (Low Carb) Submitted by: Gerry

Finding a good low carb dessert for special occasions that really tastes good is not all that easy, occasionally one lucks on to one that both carbers and non carbers enjoy - we like these ingredients so for us this Coconut and Almond...

Sugar-Free Cherry Butter
16 calories
Sugar-Free Cherry Butter Submitted by: lovinretirement

Got the basic recipe from another website, but used Splenda instead of sugar to make it sugar-free. And it's really good. My husband didn't taste any difference. Prep time does not include stemming and pitting the cherries.

Splenda Pumpkin Pie
192 calories
Splenda Pumpkin Pie Submitted by: lovinretirement

I made this for Thanksgiving and my husband never knew the difference. He even said it was very good. So I never told him.

Marra's Low Fat Sugar Lemon Loaf
196 calories
Marra's Low Fat Sugar Lemon Loaf Submitted by: Marramamba

Inspired by Boomette's Lemon Loaf I developed this for my diet using it as a guide. Moist, and delicious without sacrificing flavor it is almost guilt free. I like to add a touch of almond extract, not enough to make a big taste...

Lemon (Or Rum , Orange) Glaze With Splenda
53 calories
Lemon (Or Rum , Orange) Glaze With Splenda Submitted by: Marramamba

A low calorie glaze for cakes or cupcakes. Makes 2/3 of a cup.

Fruit Jerky
Fruit Jerky Submitted by: ssej1078

Orange and Apricot Mousse
242 calories
Orange and Apricot Mousse Submitted by: ImPat

A delicious looking dessert from Sugar Free Cooking. VARIATIONS - Use strawberries or peaches in place of the apricots. SERVING IDEA - Serve decorated with twisted strips of orange peel and a crisp biscuit if liked. Please allow for...

Mango Sorbet
5 calories
Mango Sorbet Submitted by: ImPat

From a Splenda pamphlet, posting for diabetics that tolerate Splenda. Times are estimated, with cooking time being freezing times.

LC Pecan Pie Crust
443 calories
LC Pecan Pie Crust Submitted by: Nana Lee

Darlene Summers says: This is a delicious crust for cheesecakes or pudding pies. You may also use other kinds of nuts. This is Darlene's recipe

LC Deep Dark Chocolate Cheesecake
375 calories
LC Deep Dark Chocolate Cheesecake Submitted by: Nana Lee

I adapted this to be LC. "Adapted from a recipe by M. Wassenaar at Allrecipesdotcom. Time does not include the 45 minutes rest in the turned-off oven, nor the 4 hour chill in the fridge."

Blueberry Scones From The Kitchen of Paula Smith
222 calories
Blueberry Scones From The Kitchen of Paula Smith Submitted by: mecookin

Having blueberries on hand and needing to do something with them, I looked at various recipes and took a little from this and a little from that to come up with this recipe for Blueberry Scones.

Condensed Tomato Soup Substitution
39 calories
Condensed Tomato Soup Substitution Submitted by: Dissie

I needed a lower sodium, more healthy version than the canned one. This is only too easy, tastes great. If you want soup, just add 1 cup milk or water to enjoy as a soup.

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Healthy Cherry Coffee Cake
174 calories
Healthy Cherry Coffee Cake Submitted by: lovinretirement

Trying to eat more healthy. Got this recipe from the DaVita Kidney Clinics website. I changed it up a bit to make it lower in fat, calories and sodium. It's not the crumbly coffee cake you get with a lot of fat and sugar, but...

Elephant Soup
10 calories
Elephant Soup Submitted by: QueenBea

I saw this recipe online and just had to repost it here for April Fools Day.

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Homemade Rice Milk
45 calories
Homemade Rice Milk Submitted by: lovinretirement

This is for all those on a dairy free diet. Found it in a Low Sodium book I bought. Prep time does not include cooking the rice.

Strawberry Dessert
666 calories
Strawberry Dessert Submitted by: Felix4067

I was looking at a quart of strawberries nearing the end of their lives. I owned Cool Whip, cream cheese, and Jell-O. This came out pretty well considering I was making it up as I went along. It would easily double to a 9x13 pan for a...