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285 calories
Fossolia Submitted by: lazyme

Fossolia is a delicious green bean dish. Like many other Ethiopian dishes, there are countless ways to prepare them. It’s very easy to make and doesn’t require any special hard-to-find Ethiopian spices, so it’s an ideal recipe to start...

Ethiopian Mushroom Sauté Or Ingudai Tibs
75 calories
Ethiopian Mushroom Sauté Or Ingudai Tibs Submitted by: lazyme

Ingudai tibs or Inguday tibs is an Ethiopian mushroom sauté that is simple to make but tastes wonderfully complex. Ingudai means mushroom and tibs means to saute.

Ethiopian Cabbage
736 calories
Ethiopian Cabbage Submitted by: lazyme

This is healthy and delicious. Do not add liquid. The cabbage and potatoes release enough moisture on their own.

Corn Sauté with Ginger, Garlic & Cilantro
175 calories
Corn Sauté with Ginger, Garlic & Cilantro Submitted by: JostLori

Oh my gosh - I may never have corn ON the cob again! This amazing Corn Sauté is from Fine Cooking website. You can adjust the spiciness by adding more or less chile - or a different type of chile. So good!!! This says four servings,...

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Arborio Rice With Pecans - Jacques Pepin
292 calories
Arborio Rice With Pecans - Jacques Pepin Submitted by: natsgarden123

From " The Essential Pepin" This is a delicious recipe which is easy to make. Jacques says to use homemade chicken stock or low sodium canned; I used kosher canned chicken stock ( my favorite) and the recipe came out great.

Asparagus With Mustard-Cream Sauce
111 calories
Asparagus With Mustard-Cream Sauce Submitted by: breezermom

Asparagus is one of the green vegetables that my son and grandkids will eat, so I am always looking for ways to prepare it. One of our favorite ways is grilled with a Dijon mustard/mayo sauce, but sometimes I just don't want to...

Roasted Broccoli With Garlic & Lemon
120 calories
Roasted Broccoli With Garlic & Lemon Submitted by: breezermom

I love roasted vegetables. Roasting seems to bring out a richness of flavor in the vegetables.

Mini BBQ (Or Not) Meat Loaves With Smashed Blue Cheese Potatoes
612 calories
Mini BBQ (Or Not) Meat Loaves With Smashed Blue Cheese... Submitted by: breezermom

Cooking the meat loaf in muffin tins decreases the cooking time, making them much easier to make on a weeknight. Plus they are cute and fun! Make an indentation with your thumb in the center of each meatloaf to keep them from...

Perfectly Golden New Potatoes
121 calories
Perfectly Golden New Potatoes Submitted by: GibbyLou

This recipe is from our local newspaper. I love potatoes and these sound delicious.

Pork Potstickers
107 calories
Pork Potstickers Submitted by: MsPia

A little time consuming but fun to make. Potstickers freeze well. Just place them on a tray, freeze them and when they are hard, remove them from the tray and place them on a plastic bag.Read more:...

Super Powers Green Salad
523 calories
Super Powers Green Salad Submitted by: MsPia

A hearty Asian-style veggie main-course salad, bursting with flavour

Pea & Potato Curry
240 calories
Pea & Potato Curry Submitted by: MsPia

Nice side dish for chicken.

Corn-Jalapeño Fritters
198 calories
Corn-Jalapeño Fritters Submitted by: MsPia

Who does not like fritters? Good hot or cold. Great for picnics. If you are making this for kids, just use red bell peppers instead of jalapeños. As always, my favorite corn is Green Giant.

Mashed Brussels Sprout
109 calories
Mashed Brussels Sprout Submitted by: Tisme

I really do love my sprouts! I have tried all sorts of cooking ways with them and love each and every way. Lately I have gone back to the way I was served them as a kid, with a small difference to the way my mother cooked them. This...

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Broccoli & Peas Casserole
863 calories
Broccoli & Peas Casserole Submitted by: MsPia

Yummy side dish but you can transforme it to a main dish by adding some cooked chicken if you like. It's a freezer friendly dish, also.

Marinated Red Peppers With Garlic & Marjoram
115 calories
Marinated Red Peppers With Garlic & Marjoram Submitted by: MsPia

I make this in the summer time, every time we BBQ.

Sweet Potato, Apple & Orange Bake
324 calories
Sweet Potato, Apple & Orange Bake Submitted by: Bergy

A very easy, simple recipe. It is tasty

Stuffed Potatoes
328 calories
Stuffed Potatoes Submitted by: ellie

Recipe source: Saveur (April/May 2003)

Green Beans With Bacon & Lemon
94 calories
Green Beans With Bacon & Lemon Submitted by: Luvcookn

A very easy side dish!

Sweet Potatoes & Apples
126 calories
Sweet Potatoes & Apples Submitted by: JoanWagnerTeller

A way to make the sweet potato more interesting. This dish can be frozen successfully.

Sweet Potatoes & Orange Juice
231 calories
Sweet Potatoes & Orange Juice Submitted by: JoanWagnerTeller

This is a way of dressing up the flavor of the sweet potato.