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Fettuccine Carbonara
1058 calories
Fettuccine Carbonara Submitted by: TeresaS

This is out of my Coasting and Cooking cookbook. It was sent in by Delmonico's on South Bay Restaurant In Port Hadlock, Washington.

Foolproof Spaghetti Carbonara ATC
818 calories
Foolproof Spaghetti Carbonara ATC Submitted by: JostLori

From ATC, another great recipe. This one cuts the fats but still has the creaminess that Spaghetti Carbonara is known for. Is it a traditional version? Heck no! Bet you'll love it, though... The secret to this version is the use...

Spinach & Avocado Caesar Salad
80 calories
Spinach & Avocado Caesar Salad Submitted by: JostLori

A unique take on a classic salad. If I could eat nuts and seeds, I think I would add toasted pepitas (pumpkin seeds) over the top.

Caesar Salad Cocktail Size
132 calories
Caesar Salad Cocktail Size Submitted by: Bergy

This is such an attractive recipe to grace your holiday table. It is quick and easy to prepare. You will need wide mouth short glasses around 8 0z size. This is a Kraft recipe. Prepare the baked cheese ahead of time then assembling...

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Buttermilk Peppercorn Dip
134 calories
Buttermilk Peppercorn Dip Submitted by: Luvcookn

You can use either whole or low-fat Greek yogurt and mayonnaise (but don't use nonfat). Let the dips chill for at least one hour or they will be too loose. I find that there is enough salt in the mayo & cheese and enough pepper...

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(3) Reviews
My Secret Fish Coating
45 calories
My Secret Fish Coating Submitted by: QueenBea

This is a recipe I came up with after hosting many annual fish fries at our summer camp. The fish pieces need to be a bit wet for the coating to stick; we freeze everything we catch throughout the summer and at the end of the summer we...

  • 4.9167
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