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White Sangria
127 calories
White Sangria Submitted by: JostLori

The perfect summertime drink! This one's easy and oh-so-delicious!!!

Citrus, Brandy & Pineapple Punch
37 calories
Citrus, Brandy & Pineapple Punch Submitted by: ForeverMama

This easy brandy cocktail is mildly sweet and nicely boozy, with a bit of spice from nutmeg. Source: Chris Harrison

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year - Poinsettia Cocktail Punch
166 calories
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year - Poinsettia Cocktail Punch Submitted by: twissis

Margaret @ her kitchenfraudotcom blog site is the source of this lovely holiday cocktail punch that stars 1 of my favorite ingredients -- Cranberry Juice. Margaret gave the origin credit to Nigella Lawson’s book ‘NIGELLA CHRISTMAS’....

Peppermint-Eggnog Punch (Spiked or Not)
122 calories
Peppermint-Eggnog Punch (Spiked or Not) Submitted by: twissis

I've loved eggnog since my childhood when Dad made it for all our family holidays together. There were always 2 bowls of it of course .. The adult version & the kid-friendly version. These memories make me esp happy that eggnog...

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Citrus, Brandy & Pineapple Punch
37 calories
Citrus, Brandy & Pineapple Punch Submitted by: TeresaS

This is out of a Food and Wine magazine dated November 2014. You can make this ahead by preparing the recipe through Step 1 and refrigerate overnight. Cook time is chilling time.

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Champagne Punch
117 calories
Champagne Punch Submitted by: Luvs2Bake

Makes about 26 (8 ounce) servings

Strawberry & Watermelon Punch
28 calories
Strawberry & Watermelon Punch Submitted by: ellie

Recipe source: Cooking Light (July 2016) To make it family friendly just eliminate the gin.

Summer Punch (Adult Version)
234 calories
Summer Punch (Adult Version) Submitted by: ellie

For a non-alcoholic version skip the vodka.

Reception Punch
90 calories
Reception Punch Submitted by: Chocolatll `RIP`Forever in our kitchen

An unusual spiced punch with grape juice and beer. Adapted from The Spice Cookbook.

Hot Tea Punch
70 calories
Hot Tea Punch Submitted by: ellie

Great for flu season and I am sure this can also be kept warm in a crock pot. Recipe source: Bon Appetit (November 1992)

Eggnog Wassail
696 calories
Eggnog Wassail Submitted by: Mikekey

A combination of two holiday favorites. May be served cold, also. Yields 4 quarts

Bunny Rum Punch
1247 calories
Bunny Rum Punch Submitted by: Jaide

I don't know the servings for this

Tropical Storm Punch
404 calories
Tropical Storm Punch Submitted by: Jaide

Sorry I don't know the exact servings for this

Adult Punch
1107 calories
Adult Punch Submitted by: Jaide

Sorry I don't know the servings for this, I listed it as one

Holiday Berry Fruit Punch
80 calories
Holiday Berry Fruit Punch Submitted by: DishItTrish

If your entertaining with just adults, white wine or vodka can be added, all the berry fruit amounts can be adjusted, I love making and serving this to friends! Yields about 12 cups

Cranberry Cocktail Punch
188 calories
Cranberry Cocktail Punch Submitted by: DishItTrish

The most perfect punch for the holiday season! Makes about 3 quarts

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Dee's Non-Alcoholic Sangria
131 calories
Dee's Non-Alcoholic Sangria Submitted by: dienia b

If to sweet for you add more sparkling water, my sis Cris and I brainstormed this recipe up, strawberry and grapes her great addition

Frosty Golden Punch
32 calories
Frosty Golden Punch Submitted by: dienia b

Convent Cookery 1983

Jello Wedding Punch
103 calories
Jello Wedding Punch Submitted by: dienia b

My friend Marilyn made this for her daughter. It is simple and can be frozen. Uses Jell-O gelatin. I found many variations but I am putting this recipe here so her daughter can find it. Marilyn said this is supposed to be slushy when...

Golden Wassail
31 calories
Golden Wassail Submitted by: dienia b

Convent Cookery, 1983

Non-Alcoholic Margarita Punch
43 calories