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Apple Pie The Pennsylvania Dutch Way
402 calories
Apple Pie The Pennsylvania Dutch Way Submitted by: ForeverMama

I LOVE apple pie and here is a version coming from Amish country.

Amish Vanilla Pie
251 calories
Amish Vanilla Pie Submitted by: ForeverMama

This pie an synonymous with Amish or Menonite culture. It's lighter than shoo-fly pie - more like pecan pie without the nuts and it's topped with a tasty crumb topping. This recipe makes 2-9" pies.

Lemon Custard Pie ala Lincoln
245 calories
Lemon Custard Pie ala Lincoln Submitted by: dienia b

Lincoln liked this recipe

Mrs Butters Key Lime Pie
1029 calories
Mrs Butters Key Lime Pie Submitted by: dienia b

Truman loved this ,again asked for recipe and turn down lol The Fern Inn Every time President Harry S Truman went through Islamorada on Upper Matecumbe Key on his way to the "Little White House" in Key West, he stopped. More...

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USS Missouri Buttermilk Pie
660 calories
USS Missouri Buttermilk Pie Submitted by: dienia b

"The pie takes its name from battleship Missouri, where Master Chief Steward Harry Hightower served it to President Harry Truman. When president Trumanasked for recipe ,he was turned down

Lattice Topped Cranberry-Raspberry Pie
290 calories
Lattice Topped Cranberry-Raspberry Pie Submitted by: breezermom

Great dessert for the holidays! Made easier by using pre-packaged pie crust....of course you can make your own!

Scottish Apple Pie
252 calories
Scottish Apple Pie Submitted by: ellie

Pillsbury pie crusts to make this easy. Recipe source: Bon Appetit (January 2005)

Basic Shortcrust Pastry
590 calories
Basic Shortcrust Pastry Submitted by: ImPat

From Recipe+ August'16 - this recipe is used for #recipe25252 and #recipe25253. Cook time is chilling time.

Hot Apple Pie Jaffle
1256 calories
Hot Apple Pie Jaffle Submitted by: Tisme

A Justine Schofield recipe. This makes a simple, easy and delicious dessert. I am posting as written ....although I made my own apple pie mix from fresh apples. Serve with Ice Cream, cream or custard.

Coffee Hazelnut Pie
224 calories
Coffee Hazelnut Pie Submitted by: ellie

Recipe source: Cooking Light (November 2016) Make one day ahead and refrigerate but leave at room temperature for one hour before serving.

Pocket Pies (A Healthier Version Of Pop Tarts!)
545 calories
Pocket Pies (A Healthier Version Of Pop Tarts!) Submitted by: ellie

Recipe source: Sift (Fall 2015) Any filling can be used -- canned pie filling or your favorite version)

Frozen Praline Pie
516 calories
Frozen Praline Pie Submitted by: breezermom

Frozen dessert for those hot summer months! Lots of the prep time is freezing time!

Grape Pie
328 calories
Grape Pie Submitted by: lovinretirement

Got this recipe from an old friend. My husband just loves it! It takes some time, but it's worth it. Prep time does not include time to let grapes set.

Pumpkin Ice Cream Pie
180 calories
Pumpkin Ice Cream Pie Submitted by: breezermom

It's often hot here at Thanksgiving, so sometimes a cold dessert is welcome. This one still has that Thanksgiving flavor! Most of the prep time is chilling and freezing time.

Lemon Ribbon Layered Meringue Pie
452 calories
Lemon Ribbon Layered Meringue Pie Submitted by: breezermom

My Grandmother and Great-Aunt had a huge competition on their meringue pies. Such memories! Prep time includes cooling and freezing time.

Raisin-Walnut Pie
387 calories
Raisin-Walnut Pie Submitted by: MCPammy

An old Amish recipe loaded with flavor, made with cinnamon, allspice and a load of raisins, it's rich and moist, and sure to be a hit with everyone! Makes one double-crust pie

Crumble Apple Pie
299 calories
Crumble Apple Pie Submitted by: cagey

I'm no good at making pie crusts and believe me Ive tried many times, I just use refrigerated crust for this, if you have the talent for making pie crusts then make your own

Banana Cream Pie
484 calories
Banana Cream Pie Submitted by: Jenn42

Loads of ripe bananas folded into a rich pastry cream and then covered with sweetened whipped cream, there isn't anyone who doesn't love this pie, well except for those who do not like bananas. Use bananas that are yellow...

Lemon Fluff
380 calories
Lemon Fluff Submitted by: CookinDebbs

You can serve this in bowls or in purchased or home made chocolate Oreo or vanilla crumb crust

Peanut Butter Marshmallow Pie
631 calories
Peanut Butter Marshmallow Pie Submitted by: Puggs

Peanut butter lovers make this!

Amish Cream Pie
314 calories
Amish Cream Pie Submitted by: TeresaS

I'm always being request to bring this pie to family I'm finally posting it here for safe aunt gave me this recipe years ago...I cheat a bit and buy the frozen pie crust and bake it per the...