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224 calories
Almond Pretzels (MANDELPLÄTTCHEN) Submitted by: JoanWagnerTeller

These are fun to make and very tasty. Shaping them takes some practice but they'll still be edible even if they aren't perfectly put together. A Mouli grater works well for chopping the almonds.

Poppy-Seed Crescent Rolls
262 calories
Poppy-Seed Crescent Rolls Submitted by: ellie

Recipe source: Bake from Scratch Magazine (Fall 2016)

20 calories
Springerle Submitted by: Fizzybrat

38 calories
Peppernuts Submitted by: Fizzybrat

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Viennese Water Salad
49 calories
Viennese Water Salad Submitted by: Linky

There's a little restaurant on the shores of Shawano Lake in Wisconsin that serves German, Austrian and Hungarian food. When you order salad, you get a plate with some cole slaw, some lettuce, some potato salad and a big bottle of...

Blue Cheese, Pear, & Hazelnut Smørrebrød (Danish Open-Faced Sandwich)
179 calories
Blue Cheese, Pear, & Hazelnut Smørrebrød (Danish Open-Faced... Submitted by: Linky

A Danish sandwich for those who like pears and blue cheese!

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Marzipan Ice-Cream
453 calories
Marzipan Ice-Cream Submitted by: Linky

I love marzipan. It originated in Turkey and made its way to Europe. There are many customs surrounding marzipan. The best custom is eating it!!! I couldn't resist this recipe from Love and Olive Oil Blog! Cook time includes chill...

Himalayan Salt Pretzels
139 calories
Himalayan Salt Pretzels Submitted by: Linky

I received some Pink Himalayan Salt for a present and wondered what to do with it, other than just as regular salt. In looking for Himalayan recipes, I ran into this one - included several ingredients from the Himalayan part of the...

Danish Cucumber Salad (Agurksalat)
81 calories
Danish Cucumber Salad (Agurksalat) Submitted by: Linky

This is so similar to the northern German cuisine of my mom's, but this is from a website of Danish traditional foods.

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Smoked Salmon Open-Faced Sandwich With Asparagus & Dill   (Laks med asparges go dild)
155 calories
Smoked Salmon Open-Faced Sandwich With Asparagus & Dill ... Submitted by: Linky

The North Sea coast is famous for it's wide variety of delicious seafood. Smoked salmon (lachs, lox, laks in various languages) is one of my favorites. This open faced sandwich is popular on Danish Smørrebrød.

Danish Open-Faced Shrimp & Egg Sandwich
341 calories
Danish Open-Faced Shrimp & Egg Sandwich Submitted by: Linky

My mom is from the North Sea coastal area of Germany which continues into Denmark. Many of the traditional foods she made from her childhood are evocative of Denmark as well. This recipe is from a Danish website, very similar to they...

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Mona’s Rejesalat – Mona’s Shrimp Salad
257 calories
Mona’s Rejesalat – Mona’s Shrimp Salad Submitted by: Linky Category: Shellfish

The North Sea abounds with shrimp. Danes and Germans have many recipes using shrimp. This salad was originated by a Danish lady, Mona, who served it to her fellow Danes at a monthly luncheon.

Wiener Rindsgulasch (Viennese Beef Goulash)
544 calories
Wiener Rindsgulasch (Viennese Beef Goulash) Submitted by: Linky

My mom used to make a similar version of this Goulash. This one is from Taste of Austria.

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BERNER WÜRSTEL  (Berner Hotdogs)
932 calories
BERNER WÜRSTEL (Berner Hotdogs) Submitted by: Linky

Three basic food groups: sausage, bacon and cheese! An easy meal from Taste of Austria. For those with large appetites, this might only make 2 servings. I tried to change the servings to say "2-4" but it would not accept that...

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Liptauer Kase (Lipton Cheese Spread)
128 calories
Liptauer Kase (Lipton Cheese Spread) Submitted by: Linky

My Polish uncle shared this recipe with my German mother, yet it is considered an Austrian appetizer! Multi-national treat! If you don't want to use beer, can substitute water, but beer is better!

Heidesand (Traditional German Shortbread Cookies)
61 calories
Heidesand (Traditional German Shortbread Cookies) Submitted by: Linky

My mom - who is from the area in Germany where these originated - use to make these. I never got her recipe, but found this one which sounds just about right! Many thanks to Kimberly's Daring Gourmet blog.

German Cheesecake
664 calories
German Cheesecake Submitted by: TeresaS

This submitted by the 4th grade teacher at Discovery Elementary School in 1986...for their yearly cookbook...German cheesecake is not as sweet as American cheesecake...Cook time does not include chill time...See note...

Dutch Potato Salad With Hot Bacon Dressing
298 calories
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year - Poinsettia Cocktail Punch
166 calories
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year - Poinsettia Cocktail Punch Submitted by: twissis

Margaret @ her kitchenfraudotcom blog site is the source of this lovely holiday cocktail punch that stars 1 of my favorite ingredients -- Cranberry Juice. Margaret gave the origin credit to Nigella Lawson’s book ‘NIGELLA CHRISTMAS’....

German Potato Bake
199 calories
German Potato Bake Submitted by: breezermom

This recipe is attributed to Janie Gardner and came out of a really old cookbook called "100th Anniversary Cookbook". We enjoy this with grilled beef or sausages.

Smoked Pork Chop Casserole
940 calories
Smoked Pork Chop Casserole Submitted by: Linky

Smoked pork chops - also known as Kåssler Rippchen - are one of my family's favorites. If you don't like sauerkraut, leave it out! We tend to have left-overs for the next day's lunch with these amounts for 2 people.

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