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Cottage Ham With Veggies
764 calories
Cottage Ham With Veggies Submitted by: Bergy

This recipe is from All Recipes with some modification from me. It is simple and very good. The ham is moist and loded with flavour. Serve with mustard. The original recipe called for the veggies to cook along with the ham for 55...

Chicken Guadalajara
611 calories
Chicken Guadalajara Submitted by: breezermom

Chicken cut into strips with a yummy sauce!

Saratoga Creamed Potatoes
243 calories
Saratoga Creamed Potatoes Submitted by: breezermom

This isn't a quick recipe, but a vintage one.

Braised Herb-Flavored Veal Tidbits With Mushrooms
369 calories
Braised Herb-Flavored Veal Tidbits With Mushrooms Submitted by: breezermom

I serve this over rice.....could be served over noodles or if feeling really decadent, mashed potatoes. I enjoy with a salad and slice of crusty bread to soak up the juices.

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Creamy Corn & Leftover Turkey Soup
432 calories
Creamy Corn & Leftover Turkey Soup Submitted by: twissis

This recipe is among my faves from the realsimpledotcom site, 1 of my best resources for easy-fix & make-ahead ideas great for weeknight meals or that easily convert to serving guests. It's both adult & kid-friendly & also a...

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Creole Black-Eyes & Rice
671 calories
Creole Black-Eyes & Rice Submitted by: breezermom

I have not had anything I don't love to eat from New Orleans or the vicinity thereof! 8 hours of prep time is pea soaking time!

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Black-Eyed Peas & Smoked Ham Hocks
363 calories
Black-Eyed Peas & Smoked Ham Hocks Submitted by: breezermom

Traditional Southern fare. Uses dried beans, so it is time consuming....but that is one of the things I like about this recipe. Love to have something on the stove making the house smell tasty! 8 hour prep time is soaking time for...

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Beef Ragout
425 calories
Beef Ragout Submitted by: breezermom

Yummy one-pot meal. I love it in the fall and winter.

Mexican Chorizo Noodle Bowl
500 calories
Mexican Chorizo Noodle Bowl Submitted by: TeresaS

This is out of a flyer I received in the mail.

Orange Teriyaki Beef Stew
448 calories
Orange Teriyaki Beef Stew Submitted by: TeresaS

I found this in flyer that was sent to my house.

Eggplant Parmigiana
738 calories
Eggplant Parmigiana Submitted by: breezermom

This isn't light eggplant parm.....this is full on meat sauce eggplant parm!

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Two-Alarm Chili
854 calories
Two-Alarm Chili Submitted by: breezermom

Easy chili recipe using coarsely ground chuck and chili beans. If you get home early enough, you could make this for a weeknight.

Hungarian Tilapia Stew
320 calories
Hungarian Tilapia Stew Submitted by: breezermom

If you don't like things spicy, substitute banana pepper or Anaheim chile for the peppers and adjusting the amount of the paprika.

Green Chile Chowder
518 calories
Green Chile Chowder Submitted by: breezermom

I think of this as a potato soup with some "umph". Great on a cool day!

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Onion Jam
677 calories
Onion Jam Submitted by: breezermom

This is good served with pork or chicken. Makes 5 cups

Jamaican Goat Curry
610 calories
Jamaican Goat Curry Submitted by: Luvcookn

We love goat! Especially when it is it from India, Trinidad or Jamaica. This can be adapted to a crock pot or slow cooker.

Rice & Pecan Casserole
327 calories
Rice & Pecan Casserole Submitted by: breezermom

Special side for a holiday or special dinner.

German Beef Supper
808 calories
German Beef Supper Submitted by: breezermom

I love this kind of recipe! Love simmering something on the stove for hours and letting the smell fill the house and build anticipation for the meal to come!

French Potato Soup
273 calories
French Potato Soup Submitted by: breezermom

I love potato based soups! My kids would always eat them, even though they normally ignored all other soups. For some reason the addition of the turnip really adds depth to this potato soup.

Roasted Winter Root Soup, Czech
211 calories
Roasted Winter Root Soup, Czech Submitted by: dienia b

From deaghaidhrecipes.

Country-Style Beef & Green Pepper Soup
313 calories
Country-Style Beef & Green Pepper Soup Submitted by: TeresaS

This is out of the February 2011 Clean Eating Magazine. It says that you can freeze or refrigerate in seal-able singe-serving containers. It's even better the second day! The magazine show the nutrients per 1 1/2 cup serving as:...

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