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Linda's Fluffiest Mashed Potatoes You Will Ever Eat
418 calories
Linda's Fluffiest Mashed Potatoes You Will Ever Eat Submitted by: LindasBusyKitchen

These potatoes are so light and fluffy and delicious. Try them and see for yourself... NOTE: If you use anything other than large potatoes cut down on the sour cream and milk, but still use the eggs. DO NOT leave out the eggs. The...

  • 4.9722
(73) Reviews
Kittencal's Famous Parmesan Meatballs
162 calories
Kittencal's Famous Parmesan Meatballs Submitted by: Kittencal

Plan ahead the beef mixture needs to be chilled for at least 8-24 hours before shaping and cooking, or you may shape into meatballs and then refrigerate which ever works the best for you, I would suggest to double up leaving the garlic...

  • 5.0000
(32) Reviews
Strawberry Sweetheart Streusel Muffins
332 calories
Strawberry Sweetheart Streusel Muffins Submitted by: Sue Lau

For a Romantic touch, bake these in heart shaped muffin tins.

  • 5.0000
(32) Reviews
Homemade French Fries
209 calories
Homemade French Fries Submitted by: AnnJMe

Delicious crispy on the outside, soft on the inside fries, that you will love and make often. You can cut them in the dimensions in the recipe or make thicker "steak fries" and just cook them longer when frying the second time, until...

  • 5.0000
(31) Reviews
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Kittencal's Quick One-Bowl Cinnamon Brunch Cake
249 calories
Kittencal's Quick One-Bowl Cinnamon Brunch Cake Submitted by: Kittencal

This cakes takes only 5 minutes at the most to prepare, this is not a texture of a boxed cake but it does makes a great weekend brunch cake, some chopped apples, raisins, blueberries may be added into the batter for extra flavor, the...

  • 5.0000
(28) Reviews
Shirley's Plain Or Fresh Fruit Muffins
167 calories
Shirley's Plain Or Fresh Fruit Muffins Submitted by: LindasBusyKitchen

Muffins don't come any better than these :) If you want to make regular muffins, you can leave out the fresh fruit and just decrease the sugar as stated in the recipe. No Kiddin', these are great! I love mine with a nice...

  • 5.0000
(28) Reviews
Simple Ranch House Meatloaf
531 calories
Simple Ranch House Meatloaf Submitted by: Derf "RIP" Forever in our Kitchen

Easy and tasty served either hot or cold, wonderful sliced cold for a picnic or sandwiches. We have enjoyed this basic meatloaf for many years.Try a change, instead of the usual topping, try your favourite salsa brushed on top, a nice...

  • 4.9615
(26) Reviews
Shirley's Old Fashioned Sausage Stuffing
692 calories
Shirley's Old Fashioned Sausage Stuffing Submitted by: LindasBusyKitchen

My mom made the BEST stuffing, which always made our holiday dinners complete. Here is her recipe, and mine as well. There is enough stuffing in this recipe to stuff up to a 25 pound bird, and still have some left over to bake in a...

  • 5.0000
(26) Reviews
Bill's Deep South Fried Chicken
466 calories
Bill's Deep South Fried Chicken Submitted by: Luv2Kook

This is what Bill says: "This was my grandmother's and mother's recipe. It is 125 plus years old. If you are going to fry anything, let it be a frying size chicken. This vintage recipe just calls for flour, salt and pepper,...

  • 4.9583
(25) Reviews
The Best Pancakes on the Planet!
143 calories
The Best Pancakes on the Planet! Submitted by: Kittencal

The only pancakes I make and the best you will ever have! throw in some fresh blueberries too, drizzle with homemade pancake syrup (my recipe posted here on recipezazz)

  • 5.0000
(24) Reviews
Potato Squashers
144 calories
Potato Squashers Submitted by: Dreamer_in_Ontario

A fantastic recipe published in the Toronto Star. It comes from Eat, Drink & Be Vegan: Everyday Vegan Recipes Worth Celebrating by B.C. author Dreena Burton. The potatoes may be served as is or with your favourite toppings; i.e. sour...

  • 5.0000
(24) Reviews
Linda's Chunky Garlic Mashed Potatoes
426 calories
Linda's Chunky Garlic Mashed Potatoes Submitted by: LindasBusyKitchen

Oh man, these are a comfort food that goes with just about anything! I have been known to eat them by themselves :) This is definately one you will want to add to your recipe collection!

  • 5.0000
(24) Reviews
Roasted Clove N Glaze Honey of a Ham ~ Easter
256 calories
Roasted Clove N Glaze Honey of a Ham ~ Easter Submitted by: LindasBusyKitchen

This ham is delicious and is great to make anytime, but especially during the holidays. Notes: The ham should be allowed to stand at room temperature for 2 hours before cooking. The cooking time DOES NOT include the sitting out to...

  • 4.9583
(24) Reviews
Awesome Jalapeno Popper Burgers
541 calories
Awesome Jalapeno Popper Burgers Submitted by: LindasBusyKitchen

These burgers are a recipe that I adapted from a recipe submitted by Julesong at fooddotcom They are totally delicious and by far my favorite burger! I add a slice of onion and some chunky salsa on mine, but you can top with your...

  • 5.0000
(24) Reviews
Kittencal's Moist Cheddar-Garlic Oven Fried Chicken
426 calories
Wonderful Scalloped Potatoes
467 calories
Wonderful Scalloped Potatoes Submitted by: Derf "RIP" Forever in our Kitchen

A luscious addition to any meal, especially with ham ! A little time comsumming but worth every minute!!

  • 5.0000
(21) Reviews
Garlic-Thyme Potatoes
110 calories
Garlic-Thyme Potatoes Submitted by: QueenBea

You can use different type of potatoes with this recipe. I have used fingerlings cut in half and mini roasting potatoes and those worked well also. If using the mini roasting potatoes, poke them with a fork a couple of time to allow...

  • 4.9524
(21) Reviews
French Onion Soup
166 calories
French Onion Soup Submitted by: Galley_Wench

This is classic French Onion soup with a twist. The wine/brown sugar reduction is what puts this dish "over the top", so don't skip. The recipe comes from the Orchard's restaurant in Sedona, Arizona. It's a big...

  • 5.0000
(21) Reviews
Linda's Special Potato Salad
390 calories
Linda's Special Potato Salad Submitted by: LindasBusyKitchen

This yummy potato salad is a favorite of mine, and one I make often during the summertime. Sometimes I even make it in the winter when I make burgers or hot dogs for dinner. Every time I bring it to a get-together I am asked for the...

  • 5.0000
(20) Reviews
Trinidad Macaroni Pie
471 calories
Trinidad Macaroni Pie Submitted by: Roxanne

Macaroni Pie is a staple here in Trinidad and one of the first dishes I learnt to make. Eat it on it's own with ketchup and pepper or serve alongside any type of meat, veggie or bean dish which has lots of gravy. Totally...

  • 4.9474
(19) Reviews
Linda's Twin Chicken Pot Pies
336 calories
Linda's Twin Chicken Pot Pies Submitted by: LindasBusyKitchen

One of these is just not enough as far as I am concerned, so I decided to make two pies instead of one! I usually eat one right away and freeze one for later on. It's great leftover too for lunches or a quick supper when your on...

  • 5.0000
(19) Reviews