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Decadent Banana Pineapple Steel Cut Oats
364 calories
Decadent Banana Pineapple Steel Cut Oats Submitted by: QueenBea

My daughter the health food nut recently introduced me to steel cut oats. Since then I have been trying different ways to enjoy it and this turned out so good I just had to share it here. I portion this out into 6 individual serving...

Cocoa Oatmeal & Coconut Clusters -Allergen Free
67 calories
Cocoa Oatmeal & Coconut Clusters -Allergen Free Submitted by: QueenBea

As I was looking for a recipe for a dessert I could bring to a gathering where there where a lot of people attending with food allergies, I noticed this was not an easy task!! So I decided to look for one I could modify and I found one...

Slow Cooker Cranberry Eggnog Oatmeal
360 calories
Slow Cooker Cranberry Eggnog Oatmeal Submitted by: twissis

Found in my Yummly email & re-directed to Maryea's Happy Healthy Mama blog site where she said "If there ever was a perfect Christmas morning breakfast, this Cranberry Eggnog Oatmeal made in your slow cooker is IT." Frankly, I...

Yoghurt Cinnamon Berries
149 calories
Yoghurt Cinnamon Berries Submitted by: ImPat

From Better Homes and Gardens Australian Diabetic Living

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Mini Apple Crumbles
105 calories
Mini Apple Crumbles Submitted by: TeresaS

This is out of a Shape magazine.

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Barbecued Beefies
498 calories
Barbecued Beefies Submitted by: TeresaS

This is a recipe that I used to make all the time when DH and I had Kids at home and money was a big issue. It is off a recipe card from Betty Crocker back in 1971. It's from the "Best before payday dinner" card. I used it a lot...

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Sarasota No Bake Fig Logs
256 calories
Sarasota No Bake Fig Logs Submitted by: Kchurchill5 "RIP" Forever in our Kitchen

This was a old classic - sort of reinvented. Now, these used to be ... and still are, a favorite easy Christmas cookie. But, they are really good anytime of the year. Sort of re-done using coconut flour and flaxseed for a bit healthier...

Original Bircher Muesli
152 calories
Original Bircher Muesli Submitted by: Marramamba

This is the original Dr.s muesli. Delicious. Start the night before, oats and water have to set.

Pratie Oaten Biscuits
464 calories
Pratie Oaten Biscuits Submitted by: Chocolatll `RIP`Forever in our kitchen

Traditional pratie oaten are little potato-oat pancakes served at breakfast. (Pratie is the Irish word for potato.) This recipe takes the dough, adds flour, and rolls it out thin to make crisp crackers. Good with cheese, lemon curd or...

Mohawk Corn Bread Native American
291 calories
Mohawk Corn Bread Native American Submitted by: dienia b

Orgin of Recipe: Mother and Grandmother from Kahnawake, Quebec CAN this is more of a dumpling and makes a WHOLE lot , they probably froze them like they do tamales

Anzac Biscuits With Macadamia Nuts
118 calories
Anzac Biscuits With Macadamia Nuts Submitted by: Tisme

This version of the Aussie ANZAC biscuit has macadamia nuts and just a touch of ginger. Found this wonderful recipe in a food magazine. Anzac biscuits are a tradition here in Australia, not only eaten on ANZAC day, we enjoy them all...

Mocha Crunch Steel-Cut Oatmeal
549 calories
Mocha Crunch Steel-Cut Oatmeal Submitted by: Kerfuffle-Upon-Wincle (KUW)

Modified recipe from the kitchn blog, originally published January 2010. Oatmeal can be made ahead, dished without the nut/chocolate topping, covered with plastic wrap and refrigerated until needed. On busy mornings, microwave the...

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Porridge (WW)
202 calories
Porridge (WW) Submitted by: ellie

Recipe source: Ww cookbook: Love it, cook it, eat it! 9 ww points plus

389 calories
Granola Submitted by: ImPat

From The Natural Menopause Cookbook. Can be stored in an airtight container for up to 1 month.

Lauren's Gingerbread Pancakes
532 calories
Lauren's Gingerbread Pancakes Submitted by: Puppitypup

Wow, these smell so good, they are positively mouth watering! Adapted from a recipe my sister got years ago from the Quaker Oat Bran box. The club soda is my trick for making light fluffy pancakes. I substitute it for half the milk...

Julie's Baked Oatmeal
547 calories
Julie's Baked Oatmeal Submitted by: Puppitypup

Made with old-fashioned oats and not too sweet, I love this oatmeal. Convenient because you can throw it together and get it in the oven, then go take your shower. During tax season I make a big batch on weekends that we reheat all...

Libbie's Oatmeal Coconut Cookies
175 calories
Libbie's Oatmeal Coconut Cookies Submitted by: dienia b

This is a very old recipe from Libbie Wostrel, she loves anything coconut, her mom kept a jar of it just for her, she is 100 years old in 2014, she cooked these for Rudy her son in a wood stove. Can use shortening instead of lard

Kossman Cowboy Cookies
358 calories
Kossman Cowboy Cookies Submitted by: dienia b

These are the best cookies. Don makes them, and Brix loves them. He told his mother to make them like grandpa lol. Don says this is doubled recipe and Darlene said these were the kid's favorite. Very old recipe. I wrote the...

Oatmeal Rye Bread
489 calories
Oatmeal Rye Bread Submitted by: dienia b

Dodge County Extension 1976. Some one said that they would cut back on sugar, keep that in mind

Unusual Cherry Pie
687 calories
Unusual Cherry Pie Submitted by: dienia b

Has pie crust made with brown sugar, topping which has oatmeal and filling with cherry juice. One of Darlene Kossman recipes

Oatmeal Dinner Rolls
188 calories
Oatmeal Dinner Rolls Submitted by: dienia b

old recipe from d kossman sally grosserode had this also she said it came from ethal check directions for the amount of flour .these rolls are AWESOME you must like the taste of molasses though i had to use more flour as i was...