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A Really Good Pizza Dough (From  New York Pizzeria)
426 calories
A Really Good Pizza Dough (From New York Pizzeria) Submitted by: NYThaddeus

1 use this recipe often for a great baked pizza. this recipe was created in Venice, Italy, and has been served in a famous New York Pizzeria since 1956.

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Basic Sweet Yeast Dough
124 calories
Basic Sweet Yeast Dough Submitted by: ellie

Basic sweet dough to make everyday yeast rolls or filled buns. Recipe source: The Finnish Cookbook

Bread Sticks (Grissini)
2255 calories
Bread Sticks (Grissini) Submitted by: Tisme

I love Grissini and especially love these when I have the time to make them. Served with soup these are wonderful. This is from a very old Italian cookbook so I have listed Metric and Imperial measurements, as per the book. Makes 700...

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California Pizza Kitchen Pizza Crust (Overnight Method For Optimum Flavor)
224 calories
California Pizza Kitchen Pizza Crust (Overnight Method For... Submitted by: Catzmomme

Recipe By: The California Pizza Kitchen Cookbook, tweaked slightly. The overnight refrigeration time adds more flavor, you could however use it the same day you make it, I suggest to go the overnight method. Makes one smaller size...

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Cheesy Spinach-Stuffed Bread Rolls (Easy)
123 calories
Cheesy Spinach-Stuffed Bread Rolls (Easy) Submitted by: Kittencal

Prepare your favorite recipe for a 1 pound white bread dough for this, make in your bread machine or on a stand mixer, or if you are one of those people that do not have experience in dough-making just go and purchase a loaf of frozen...

Dont Rush Me - Rolls or Kolache
64 calories
Dont Rush Me - Rolls or Kolache Submitted by: dienia b

Dough for kolache rolls; need filling. I wrote the recipe just as written; it was really cute.

Empanadas Dough
285 calories
Empanadas Dough Submitted by: MsPia

Empanadas are traditional from Argentina. There are several different fillings. The classic ones are meat, chicken, ham and cheese, corn (called humita), cheese and onion, Roquefort, Capresse. Since flours are different in both...

Faina Chickpea Flatbread Uruguay
588 calories
Faina Chickpea Flatbread Uruguay Submitted by: dienia b

Brought by Italian's to Uruguay, they top with pizza toppings also

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Favorite Challah- Fast Rise-Kitchenaid
524 calories
Favorite Challah- Fast Rise-Kitchenaid Submitted by: natsgarden123

Excellent Recipe - well loved by all. The ONLY recipe I use. This recipe makes 2 challahs so I often have an extra for a neighbor ( makes very good neighbors!). You can also make 1 large challah that takes longer to bake but comes out...

Favorite Pizza Dough
350 calories
Favorite Pizza Dough Submitted by: Sknymini

I have used many pizza dough recipes, I thought they were all the same. I was wrong. This is the BEST Pizza Dough Recipe that I have found. You can also roll out small rounds then freeze them

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Feather Bread BM Bread & Buns
373 calories
Feather Bread BM Bread & Buns Submitted by: Gerry

This recipe goes back to my first bread maker, it's the one I turn to when I want bread or rolls with that old fashioned taste. For brunches it remains my favourite dough when making my - #recipe7246 - Cinnamon Bun Ring 7246 ...

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French Herb Swirl Bread
343 calories
French Herb Swirl Bread Submitted by: ForeverMama

I've had this recipe since I was a pre-teen. It's on a yellowed sheet of paper that is worn thin. The heading reads "Old World Breads Made Easy" - (Pillsbury, Around the World with Easy Recipes). I remember making it when I...

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Gabor's Hungarian Strudel With Nut Filling (Rolled Or Stretched Strudel)
593 calories
Gabor's Hungarian Strudel With Nut Filling (Rolled Or... Submitted by: dienia b

Variations on dough and how to work them

Gluten Free Homemade Egg Pasta Noodles
167 calories
Gluten Free Homemade Egg Pasta Noodles Submitted by: LuLuJ

I thought I would post this because I recently made it, and it was a great success for me. If your gluten sensitive, then I suggest you give this a try! You can make any kind of noodles using this recipe, just cut the noodles to the...

Hot Rolls
617 calories
Hot Rolls Submitted by: dienia b

They used this for cinnamon rolls so cook time is a guess

Kolache Dough
133 calories
Kolache Dough Submitted by: dienia b

This is for doughnuts, kolaches, cinnamon rolls, dinner rolls ect. Makes 3 dozen dinner rolls. Kolaches use 2 cans filling; cherry, pineapple, prune. Recipe calls for 2 cakes yeast; that is about 4 teaspoons

Mrs William Novaks Kolaches
541 calories
Mrs William Novaks Kolaches Submitted by: dienia b

Very old newspaper clipping from spillville iowa,they would have used lard or butter on farm

Nat's Fresh Herb Batter Bread
421 calories
Nat's Fresh Herb Batter Bread Submitted by: ForeverMama

I got this recipe from the culinary school I attended some moons ago. When I was first dating my husband, I made this bread for one of the first dinners I made for him. I guess he liked this bread, because later he proposed. This is a...

NYC Sicillian Style Square Pizza
986 calories
NYC Sicillian Style Square Pizza Submitted by: ForeverMama

Many would argue that the best Sicilian-style square pizza was perfected in New York City and some would also argue that it was invented there and that it is the best in the whole world. My husband who salivates and seems to always...

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Pizza Dough
253 calories
Pizza Dough Submitted by: deblevin

I usually make pizza once a week and this is the dough recipe I use, if you energetic make a few doughs, after the one hour rise, punch down and pop them in the freezer, just thaw, and roll out. This makes a huge crust or two small...

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Portuguese Prosciutto & Chourico Stuffed Bread
812 calories
Portuguese Prosciutto & Chourico Stuffed Bread Submitted by: ForeverMama

This is a different and lovely bread to serve as a snack or with "Caldo Verde" (Portuguese Kale soup), salad or any meal of your choice. The "Chourico" is pronounced "Chureesoo" or "Chureese" depending what region you are from and is...