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Creamy Pasta With Bacon
739 calories
Creamy Pasta With Bacon Submitted by: ImPat

From our week day newspaper The West Australian. Times are estimated.

Angel Hair Pasta With Shrimp
429 calories
Angel Hair Pasta With Shrimp Submitted by: TeresaS

This is out of a American Test Kitchen says your can use linguine, fettuccine, or spaghetti.

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Spaghetti Fisherman
518 calories
Spaghetti Fisherman Submitted by: dienia b

  • 5.0000
(1) Review
Pasta Seafood Salad
336 calories
Pasta Seafood Salad Submitted by: TeresaS

Yep! Another seafood salad. This one is from "KCTS Cooks-Favorite Recipes" cookbook. Sent in by Carol out of Seattle. She says this is one of her favorite pasta salads. She has brought this salad to lots of potlucks and it has always...

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Dilled Shrimp With Angel Hair Pasta
364 calories
Dilled Shrimp With Angel Hair Pasta Submitted by: TeresaS

This had only 8 WW points on the old program. It's out of a 1999 cookbook called "Quick Cooking for Busy People" that's me!! For a quick meal serve with a salad and some warm sourdough bread. DH rated this excellent! Hope you...

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Garlicy-Parmesan Pasta
1031 calories
Garlicy-Parmesan Pasta Submitted by: BudgetCooker

Cheap, easy, quick and not to hard on the wallet, most of all it tastes so good, I love these kinds of recipes but who doesn't? A great addition to this is some sun-dried tomatoes or cooked shrimp

Jacqueline Kennedy’s Casserole Marie-Blanche
777 calories
Chicken Spaghetti Casserole
542 calories
Chicken Spaghetti Casserole Submitted by: BudgetCooker

The ingredients may not look very exciting, but the flavor of it sure is! Recipe by Steve Young

Angel Hair Pasta With Lemon & Garlic
242 calories
Angel Hair Pasta With Lemon & Garlic Submitted by: lazyme

This is a nice light pasta dish from Rosie Daley, once Oprah's personal chef.

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Julie's Weeknight Spaghetti Sauce
330 calories
Julie's Weeknight Spaghetti Sauce Submitted by: Puppitypup

Simple to make and lots more flavor than store-bought. Number of servings depends on if you include the meat or not, it's good either way. The carrot is indistinguishable to little ones, but it adds depth of flavor and...

Marie's Buttered Pasta Noodles
308 calories
Marie's Buttered Pasta Noodles Submitted by: Puppitypup

This is one of my very favorite recipes, simple yet delicious. I wish I had found it 30 years ago! I like to toss the pasta with fresh tomatoes. For a main course, toss with shrimp sauteed in a butter and garlic. The recipes calls...

Spicy Chicken & Bell Pepper Skillet with Angel Hair Pasta
865 calories
Spicy Chicken & Bell Pepper Skillet with Angel Hair Pasta Submitted by: StutlerBC

This is an amazing recipe with tons of delicious flavors, if you are serving it to kids the cayenne can be omitted. I make this often my whole family love it

Chicken Tetrazzini
944 calories
Chicken Tetrazzini Submitted by: Cassie

I had to share this here because it is so good!

Rajun' Cajun Ham & Broccoli Alfredo
421 calories
Rajun' Cajun Ham & Broccoli Alfredo Submitted by: Chef shapeweaver

This was posted on a now defunct recipe site, in 2006 and since first posting there, I've made a couple of changes to this. So I thought it would be appropriate to re-post it here.:) If you make this,and think it's not spicy...

Easy Coconut Prawn Soup
710 calories
Easy Coconut Prawn Soup Submitted by: Luvcookn

This is a simple recipe that has lots of flavour. The prep time depends on if you have to peel and devein the prawns or if you buy them already prepped.

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Italian Angel Hair Pomodoro
437 calories
Italian Angel Hair Pomodoro Submitted by: VegGirl

This is fantastic! The flavors blend together so well for a really delicious meatless meal, make it a day in advance and the flavors will blend even more!

Saffron Rice with Vermicelli
289 calories
Saffron Rice with Vermicelli Submitted by: Sue Lau

I made this to accompany Harissa Lamb.

Capellini Alla Campagnola- Rustic Angel Hair Pasta and Chicken
763 calories
Lemon Angel Hair Pasta With Chicken And Spinach
818 calories
Lemon Angel Hair Pasta With Chicken And Spinach Submitted by: LindasBusyKitchen

Cooking time does not include cooking pasta (10-12 minutes) and preparing chicken (1 hour).

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Creamy Lemony Chicken With Angel Hair Pasta
797 calories
Creamy Lemony Chicken With Angel Hair Pasta Submitted by: Kittencal

This is a great dinner to serve to guests and can easly be doubled. Cooking time will vary slightly depending on how thick your chicken breast is

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Sarasota's Pasta Shrimp Scampi
672 calories
Sarasota's Pasta Shrimp Scampi Submitted by: Kchurchill5 "RIP" Forever in our Kitchen

This is a lighter version of the traditional shrimp scampi with less butter, but it gets a nice flavor from the white wine and red pepper flakes. I prefer to use a good fresh shrimp for this, large or extra large, and for the pasta -...

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