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Linda's Prize Winning Chili
979 calories
Linda's Prize Winning Chili Submitted by: LindasBusyKitchen

This chili won 1st. place in a chili cook-off when I worked at the telephone company. It is my own original recipe and one I am very proud to share! This is a big batch of chili and fills a 6.5 quart crock pot. Don't let the...

  • 4.8571
(7) Reviews
Easy Chili Con Carne (No Beans)
650 calories
Easy Chili Con Carne (No Beans) Submitted by: Sue Lau

Some people like beans in their chili, some do not. This chili has no beans, but if you like beans, you can easily add them. This beanless version is perfect for having with chili dogs, chili burgers, or just a warm bowl full on a...

  • 5.0000
(1) Review
Cowboy Stew
627 calories
Cowboy Stew Submitted by: CountryDiva

This cowboy stew is a cross between chili and stew. It is wonderful on cold days and is a very hearty meal. I recommend that you don't skip the ranch beans, they really make the recipe.

  • 5.0000
(1) Review
Blue Ribbon Chili
623 calories
Blue Ribbon Chili Submitted by: TeaBo

I know what your saying..oh no not another chili recipe! but wait, this chili took the $20,000 prize and blue ribbon at a chili cook-off! For you fire lover's double the hot sauce. This prize-winning chili recipe has been taste tested...

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Leftover Meatloaf Chili
461 calories
Leftover Meatloaf Chili Submitted by: Chef shapeweaver

Got leftover meatloaf and you're tired of sandwiches (like if anyone could be;) and you want something different? Try this very good recipe. Be careful though, the way that this is written it's very spicy. (Well at least to...

Kittencal's Beef Chili
859 calories
Kittencal's Beef Chili Submitted by: Kittencal

A pretty basic easy recipe, nothing fancy but has great flavor, it does require a long cooking time then a 24 hour (or more) refrigeration time before you serve it, refrigeration time is a must to blend and intensify the flavors,...

Leftover Burger Chili - Quick!
658 calories
Leftover Burger Chili - Quick! Submitted by: Sue Lau

It's no small secret that Wendy's restaurants make their chili with leftover cooked hamburger patties, not that I am trying to duplicate their flavor here. While I don't choose to make chili from cooked beef, there have...

Homemade Chili Sauce
287 calories
Homemade Chili Sauce Submitted by: Cheesehead

No high fructose corn syrup or any preservatives! I needed this when making a pork chop recipe of Kittencal's and this works great.

  • 5.0000
(1) Review
Slow Cooker Turkey Chili
838 calories
Slow Cooker Turkey Chili Submitted by: Mikekey

Nothing regionally "authentic" about this, but it's how we like it. :) Substitute canned black beans for a change of taste, or use 1 can each of kidney and black beans. Adjust "heat" to your tastes by adding or subtracting red...

  • 4.5000
(2) Reviews
Chili - Modified Wendy's Style
350 calories
Chili - Modified Wendy's Style Submitted by: Axe

This is my version of a 'Wendy's' style chili. As usual, I put in LOTS of garlic but this is optional. Top this with some shredded cheddar cheese, serve with garlic bread and you've got a hit! Always tastes better...

  • 5.0000
(1) Review
Weight Watcher's 2-Points Slow Cooker Chili
2241 calories
Weight Watcher's 2-Points Slow Cooker Chili Submitted by: Kittencal

Not certain as to the amount of servings for this so I have left it at 0. This is a very low fat chili, you can substitute ground turkey for the beef. This can also be made on top of the stove. 1/2 cup serving = 2 pts/or 1 cup = 2 pts...

  • 4.5000
(2) Reviews
My Chili with 'Zing'
807 calories
My Chili with 'Zing' Submitted by: Engrossed

I compiled some recipes and then played with it some more and ended up with this. My Husband says it has a 'zing' to it. It's hot but not too hot, I can't handle it too hot. Everyone who has tried this loved it. I know this has a long...

  • 5.0000
(3) Reviews
2 Bean Chili
581 calories
2 Bean Chili Submitted by: QueenBea

This is a quick and easy chili recipe. I could eat this for weeks on end. I scoop it out with those “scoop” style nacho chips instead of using a spoon!!! If gluten intolerant make sure you are using gluten free beef broth.

  • 5.0000
(2) Reviews
Easy Crock Pot Chili
697 calories
Easy Crock Pot Chili Submitted by: Sue Lau

Very easy. I recommend using coarse-grind ground beef, but you can use any ground beef, or other ground meat if you like. Freezes well.

  • 5.0000
(1) Review
Mom Pat's Chili Size
504 calories
Mom Pat's Chili Size Submitted by: dienia b

My mom pat made these all the time she grew up in California and this was what they said name came from This dish is said to take its name from the "hamburger size" ladle that legendary Los Angeles chili parlor proprietor Ptomaine...

  • 5.0000
(1) Review
Sweet, Savory, and Spicy White Bean Turkey Chili
369 calories
Sweet, Savory, and Spicy White Bean Turkey Chili Submitted by: Kchurchill5 "RIP" Forever in our Kitchen

I love chili, and this is really one of my favorites. A lot of the traditional ingredients, but a few surprises like cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg and apple cider really make this a nice comforting chili. Add the typical toppings - such...

Fast & Simple Chili
521 calories
Fast & Simple Chili Submitted by: Manacat

Last night I decided that I was going to make my own chili with what I had on hand ans this is what I got. It is very fast to make and can be done in 30 or so.

  • 5.0000
(2) Reviews
Just Good Chili
844 calories
Just Good Chili Submitted by: kberry

What can I say? Good chili on a cold night is the best. I have had a lot of good chili recipes but this one took the top. You can use any flavor tomatoes you like and use more or less seasonings as your taste requires. I even use part...

Sue's Prize Winning Chili
663 calories
Sue's Prize Winning Chili Submitted by: Sue Lau

I won a chili cookoff with this recipe. And Bill got second place. Muahahaha! Still, it shows we are quite the chili enthusiasts. This is just ordinary chili for me. I do a lot of variations on this, but this is how I like it in...

  • 4.0000
(1) Review
Elephant Soup
10 calories
Elephant Soup Submitted by: QueenBea

I saw this recipe online and just had to repost it here for April Fools Day.

  • 5.0000
(1) Review
Bea's 1 Hour Chili
382 calories
Bea's 1 Hour Chili Submitted by: QueenBea

I call this 1 hour chilli because it is ready in one hour, including prep time. This is a very easy recipe that just about anyone can throw together. I prefer using a can of mixed beans for this, but kidney beans are also good.

  • 5.0000
(4) Reviews