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Pasta Salad 
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Jackie's Macaroni Salad
490 calories
Jackie's Macaroni Salad Submitted by: LindasBusyKitchen

Macaroni Salad is always good, especially in the summer with meats and fish cooked on the grill. This recipe is one with lots of flavor, and a little different than your average Macaroni Salad. I had it the first time at my cousin,...

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(6) Reviews
Kittencal's Ranch Potato (Or  Macaroni Salad)
254 calories
Kittencal's Ranch Potato (Or Macaroni Salad) Submitted by: Kittencal

Chopped ham or crumbled cooked bacon is a great addition, I sometimes add in chopped feta cheese instead of the cheddar cheese, plan ahead this salad must chill for at least 3 or more hours before serving the longer chilling time the...

  • 5.0000
(3) Reviews
Asian Pasta Salad
370 calories
Asian Pasta Salad Submitted by: ahmafor3

Recipe found on Vegetarian Recipes From Around The World's website and submitted by Karen C. Greenlee.

  • 5.0000
(3) Reviews
Best Pasta Salad I've Ever Had!
239 calories
Best Pasta Salad I've Ever Had! Submitted by: ForeverMama

I've been making pasta salad for a long time, but when I discovered this one it went way-way-up at the top of my list. It is SO good! Make sure to use good quality ingredients, such as the mayo. Please don't use miracle...

  • 5.0000
(3) Reviews
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Very Italian Pasta Salad
645 calories
Very Italian Pasta Salad Submitted by: MsPia

I call this Italian because I got it from an Italian cooking magazine. Pasta salads are not my favorite, so the ones I actually post, TRUST ME, are really good. For this salad you first have to cook mini meatballs. The recipe makes...

  • 5.0000
(2) Reviews
Stacky5's Southwest Tuna Macaroni & Cheese Casserole
609 calories
Texas Pasta Salad
84 calories
Texas Pasta Salad Submitted by: dienia b

  • 5.0000
(2) Reviews
The Best Pasta Salad Ever!
222 calories
The Best Pasta Salad Ever! Submitted by: Sheri

Pasta salad is always so good and I make it a lot during the warm weather. I have tried a lot of them, and this is my favorite one! It really does live up to its name, and I hope you try it. NOTE: Italian salad dressing is not...

  • 5.0000
(2) Reviews
Alma's Macaroni Salad
369 calories
Alma's Macaroni Salad Submitted by: dienia b

  • 4.5000
(2) Reviews
Tuna & Egg Macaroni Salad
319 calories
Tuna & Egg Macaroni Salad Submitted by: KitchenMagician

This comes together easy, you don't have to use my exact measurements, the beauty of it is you can just taste as you go, adding in as much or as little ingredient as you like. A pinch of curry powder is also a great spice to add...

  • 5.0000
(2) Reviews
Macaroni Salad
205 calories
Macaroni Salad Submitted by: Dissie

This is a compilation of my moms macaroni salad and some additions I have made over the years. I often add tuna to make it feel more like a meal. It makes enough to feed an army!

  • 5.0000
(1) Review
Chicken Pasta Salad
214 calories
Chicken Pasta Salad Submitted by: Yancey

Pretty basic but you can add some other things that you want, I really love this using grilled chicken

  • 5.0000
(1) Review
Macaroni Dill Salad
222 calories
Macaroni Dill Salad Submitted by: dienia b

Shell macaroni.

  • 4.0000
(1) Review
Mexican Pasta Salad
642 calories
Mexican Pasta Salad Submitted by: CheapCook

This needs to be served at room temperature

  • 4.0000
(1) Review
Pasta Caesar Salad
1056 calories
Pasta Caesar Salad Submitted by: Tisme

I found this recipe in an old woman's weekly cookbook, this is just the salad to serve on the warm summer evenings. I like to serve this chilled on a hot evening, I add the first half od the dressing, then add the later dressing...

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Zippy's Macaroni Salad
372 calories
Zippy's Macaroni Salad Submitted by: dienia b

Someone that used to work at Zippy's in Hawaii and actually made the salad every day.very simple salad

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(1) Review
Chicken Pasta Salad
454 calories
Chicken Pasta Salad Submitted by: TeresaS

"This is a great summer pasta salad and it has only 8 points for 2 cups on the old program. Makes a great leftover lunch dish also. Cooking time does not include chill time."

  • 5.0000
(1) Review
Greek Chicken Penne
426 calories
Greek Chicken Penne Submitted by: Lynn (diner524)

A recipe I saved from my "Simple and Delicious" magazine. This is recipe is from Dawn Frihauf, Fort Morgan, Colorado.

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(1) Review
Macaroni Casserole
736 calories
Macaroni Casserole Submitted by: Kittencal

You can add in a small chopped onion and/or a can of drained sliced mushrooms if desired and/or some chopped cooked chicken, I usually add in two finely chopped cooked chicken breasts

Turkey Or Chicken Caesar Feta Penne Salad
129 calories
Turkey Or Chicken Caesar Feta Penne Salad Submitted by: Kittencal

Both turkey or chicken will work well for this, I use my own homemade Ceasar dressing for this (posted bottom of recipe) bottled will work fine also or use your own recipe, if you are making this ahead do not add in the tomatoes until...

Kittencal's Macaroni & Cucumber Coleslaw
383 calories
Kittencal's Macaroni & Cucumber Coleslaw Submitted by: Kittencal

This makes quite a large amount so it’s great to take to a potluck or picnic To spice it up add in a small seeded and finely chopped jalapeno pepper, frozen thawed peas is a great addition also but make sure to paper towel dry the...