10+ Best Chicken Sandwiches, Burgers and Fast Food Copycats

Who doesn't love a good chicken sandwich?! You can have them so many different ways. Be it a juicy burger, a savory Mexican quesadilla, a delicious burrito, a grilled chicken breast club house or even a classic chicken salad sandwich. They are always a hit!

Spicy Asian Chicken Burger

This is one of my favourite burger recipes. It is a delicious Asian chicken burger with the perfect balance of flavor and spice. The chicken patty is juicy and tender, seasoned with a blend of traditional Asian spices like ginger and garlic, then topped with a spicy Asian sauce. Add your favourite toppings and enjoy!

Spicy Chicken Quesadilla Sandwich

I came across this on a recipe site and adjusted it to our liking...we love it...you can serve this as a lunch for one or an appetizer for two.

Chicken Sliders

We really enjoyed these - accompanied by chips and fruit - also a great way to sneak some spinach into a fun meal! Recipe source: local newspaper

Ginger Soy Chicken Burger

Another one from Splenda ! loaded with wonderful seasonings and layers of flavours!

Chicken Finger Sandwiches

This is a recipe from Everyday Gourmet T.V. A lovely way to serve sandwiches and a great way to use up leftover chicken, or great to take as lunch as a normal sandwich.

Five Ingredient Crockpot Tomatillo Chicken Burritos

These can't get much easier. Just 5 ingredients; make a perfect base for a week night dinner. Now, you still need to add your toppings; but, everything is so simple. Cook 3 1/2-5 hours on low heat; shred the chicken - and ready to serve. Now, the garnishes are easy ... warm up some tortillas in the microwave, shred some lettuce; add some cilantro, pre-shredded cheese, and lime wedges. I often...

Chicken Barbecue Sandwiches Done In The Slow Cooker

These chicken barbecue sandwiches surely are tender, succulent and full of flavor. This is yet another one of those recipes from TOH (I've tweaked it slightly) that we all loved for it is super tasty. And to make it even better, it's done in the crockpot but tastes like you've spent all day smoking and grilling the meat which results in a very satisfying and flavorful dish. I...

Root Beer Pulled Chicken

Economical chicken thighs made easier by using a slow cooker!

Greek Feta Burgers - Biftekia Yemista

These tasty burgers are stuffed with feta cheese. If you have not made stuffed burgers before, please review my photo tutorial on this in the photo forum showing you how to put the cheese inside. http://www.recipezazz.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=132&t=5464

Tuscan Pesto Chicken Panini

Great lunch or quick dinner. Perfect for using your fresh basil.

Cucumber And Apple Chicken Salad Sandwiches Rolls

If you are making this in advance mix in the apple just before serving, all amounts may be doubled

Tuscan Chicken Club Sandwich

I tried this sandwich for the first time at a popular local restaurant and just had to copy it. It is a nice fresh tasting sandwich that I like to serve with tomato soup. The cook time noted is approximate, depending on thickness of breast.

Egg Muffin Copycat

Bill Clinton loves egg mcmuffins ,so do i

NY "21 Club" House Burger

Compound butter flavored with fresh basil, thyme, parsley is pressed together and frozen which is then inserted into fresh ground beef resulting in a super juicy and succulent tasting burger. The sandwich we've come to know and love as the trusty burger came from New York City. They were been severely modified from how they originally were served to German Soldiers on Gotham's Lower...