Thanksgiving Recipes for a Delicious Family Gathering

A perfect Thanksgiving meal combination to treat your guests, enjoy your food and have fun while prepping.  This Thanksgiving dinner plan has roast turkey and stuffing, grilled shrimp, potato salad, and pumpkin pie! Yum. 

Grilled Garlic & Black Pepper Shrimp

This is out of the April 2017 Bon Appetite magazine. Salt , pepper, garlic,acid, and a bit of heat are all you need to punch up these easy shrimp skewers.

Roasted Turkey Thighs and Stuffing

Perfect for dark meat lovers and for a small holiday dinner. I used my tradtional homemade turkey stuffing but packaged stuffing, i.e. Stovetop (prepared) will work. The juices from the thighs drip down into the stuffing while roasting. You won't have drippings for gravy so plan on using jarred gravy or homemade made with stock. I used herbes de provence, but any combination of dried...

German Potato Salad | Kathy's Vegan Kitchen

Whenever I make potato salad, my husband begs for German potato salad. So, I turned my grandma's recipe into a vegan German potato salad with smokey

Pumpkin Pie (Dairy Free, Soy Free, Gluten Free)

I know. How can a diary/soy/gluten free pie taste good? It really does! The texture wasn't quite as firm though. The recipe comes from and calls for a gluten free pie crust. I am adding in the almond meal crust I used, or you can use your own. It has coconut milk, but you can't taste the coconut. I also used 3 tsp pumpkin pie spice instead. I would recommend a larger pie tin for...