Scary Halloween Recipes

When the goblins are out and the night is upon us, hunger strikes in and these Halloween recipes are a delight to be had! From Bat Wings to Ghostly Shepperd's Pie you may find just the perfect scary recipe here!

Ghostly Shepherd's Pie

This is very cute and great for a halloween dinner.

Bleeding Cupcakes

Great Halloween dessert. Very easy to make.

Ghost Cocktail

This is a nice and sweet cocktail.

Goblins Delight Cupcakes

These are great for a Halloween dessert. Disgustingly colored they are a real kid pleaser.

Eyeball Platter

This is cute and very easy to make. I generally make it with black olives instead of the pimento stuffed ones.

Bat Wings

These are very tasty and a huge hit with friends. You can adjust the hotness to your liking very easily.

Witch's Bubbly Brewed Punch - Halloween

Eh heh heh heeeh my pretty... Step closer and take a taste of this delicious spooky punch! Once you have your first glass, you will be under my spell to have another, and anotherrrr! But BEWARE, it could make you crazzzy!

Witch's Brew

Great Halloween punch.

Vampire Kiss

This reminds me of a shirly temple. Very tasty and sweet.

Chili Beef Noodle Skillet

I posted this recipe as a request from ellie. I found the original in TOH 2002 Quick Cooking Annual Recipes it was sent to them by Deborah Elliot from Ridge Spring ,SC. As I was reading through it, I knew it wouldn't spicy enough for my SO and myself. So I changed a few of the ingredients and substituted others. This originally served 8,but I cut it down to 4. Posted to " ZAZZ " on 4/18/18. ...

Dill Pickle Deviled Eggs

These tasty deviled eggs are very addicting, you can't have just one.


This is very nice cold. It has a great fruity taste but it looks disgusting. Perfect for Halloween.