Easy BBQ Kabobs

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2h 20m
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"Kabobs are one of those grilling items that look really fancy, but are so easy to do. Also, chicken and bacon are two ingredients put together sound like an odd match, but far from the truth in this recipe. It makes for an amazing flavorful combination."

Original recipe yields 2 servings
974.6 Calories. More Nutrition

Types of Kabob Sticks

Kabob sticks come in a variety of styles and material and are known as skewers. Examples include thin metal or wooden sticks they are often loaded with meats and veggies and grilled on the BBQ.

Why is it called shish kebab?

Shish kebab is a signature Turkish dish and combines the words skewer and roast meat. Other cultures have different names such as brochettes in France which translates as skewers. In Portugal the name espetadas are beef shish kebabs which are marinated in a delicious wine roasted over an open fire. 

Should Kabob Sticks Be Soaked?

If you are grilling your kabobs you should soak them for about 30 minutes before placing them on the grill. However, bamboo sticks are best soaked overnight. Bamboo sticks are best to use to help prevent your kabob or skewers from burning.

Step 1

Mix all the ingredient for marinade

Step 2

Cut chicken into good size cubes

Step 3

Put chicken n marinade and do a good job of moving the chicken around in the marinade

Step 4

Leave in fridge for 2 hours or so

Step 5

Prepare the bell peppers - cut into good size cubes

Step 6

Take chicken out and wrap bacon around the chicken cubes - 1 complete wrap around should do it

Step 7

With the loose bacon end, slide the chicken/bacon cube through kabob stick (we use good quality wood chop sticks)

Step 8

Repeat this up to complete kabob - 4 or 5 chicken cues

Step 9

Grill on BBQ at about 350 degrees or so for about 15 - 25 min, depending on your BBQ. Be sure not to burn and that chicken is cooked through.

Step 10


Nutritional Facts
Serving Size: 1 (758.1 g), Calories 974.6, Total Fat - 53.3 g, Saturated Fat - 17.1 g, Cholesterol - 669.1 mg, Sodium - 4373.8 mg, Total Carbohydrate - 38.1 g, Dietary Fiber - 5.8 g, Sugars - 15.1 g, Protein - 87.7 g, Calcium - 114.9 mg, Iron - 9.3 mg, Vitamin C - 150.8 mg, Thiamin - 0.7 mg.

Tips & Variations

  • Kabob Sticks



Wayne, these kabobs are so good they have already seen to a repeat! Have to love super easy that tastes as good as it looks. Loved the marinade, it also works well for barbecuing chicken, thinking to try it on steak. Into my Cookbook for this one and extra copy to my recipe drawer. Yes it's a keeper!

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(14 Aug 2014)