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Pumpkin Spice Almond Milk
1057 calories
Pumpkin Spice Almond Milk Submitted by: AcadiaTwo

I love the vanilla almond milk and while driving one Autumn day it came to me to try giving it a different flavor profile.

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(1) Review
Cantaloupe Cooler
87 calories
Cantaloupe Cooler Submitted by: AcadiaTwo

This was a handwritten recipe I found in my old notebook when cleaning out my office closet. I have no idea from where it came?

  • 5.0000
(2) Reviews
Watermelon Cooler
11 calories
Watermelon Cooler Submitted by: AcadiaTwo

Refreshing non dairy beverage

  • 4.2000
(5) Reviews
Vegetarian Creamsicle
2039 calories
Vegetarian Creamsicle Submitted by: AcadiaTwo

I have a cold and they always say to stay away from dairy. So since I had almond milk in the house and orange juice I decided to combine them together.

  • 4.5000
(2) Reviews
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Chocolate Cricket
712 calories
Chocolate Cricket Submitted by: AcadiaTwo

When I was young, my grandmother made these for the adults and I was left wondering and dreaming about them until I was 21.

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(1) Review
Chocolate Peppermint Cricket
950 calories
Chocolate Peppermint Cricket Submitted by: AcadiaTwo

This is a variation of a Chocolate Cricket.

Black Cherry Dream (Adults Only)
672 calories
Black Cherry Dream (Adults Only) Submitted by: AcadiaTwo

I love black cherry wisnack liqueur and I love milkshakes. So I married the liqueur with ice cream to create a tasty adult beverage. Enjoy!

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(1) Review
Chocolate Chip Martini
1877 calories
Chocolate Chip Martini Submitted by: AcadiaTwo

I received this from a friend who got it from a friend. I have not had this as I am not really a big hard alcohol drinker. I'm more into sweet wines or wine coolers these days. It was served at a party I was at and was a big hit.

Non Dairy Strawberry Smoothie
347 calories
Non Dairy Strawberry Smoothie Submitted by: AcadiaTwo

I created this easy tasty non dairy beverage for my morning breakfast. I liked it so much I drank both glasses. It can be made with any fruit, I just happened to have strawberries on hand.

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(2) Reviews
Poinsettia Sipper
166 calories
Poinsettia Sipper Submitted by: acerast

A festive holiday beverage from Cooking Light that guests of all ages can enjoy. (A version with alcohol is included).

Cranberry Mimosas
65 calories
Cranberry Mimosas Submitted by: acerast

A pretty, seasonal Mimosa for the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year Holidays. Cheers!!

Mexican Hot Chocolate
283 calories
Mexican Hot Chocolate Submitted by: ahmafor3

A yummy hot chocolate recipe that I found on Very Best Baking's website.

  • 4.9412
(17) Reviews
Trichy Coffee
146 calories
Trichy Coffee Submitted by: ahmafor3

My Daily Momentdotcom's newsletter is where I saw this recipe and thought it would be nice after a holiday dinner or a warmer on a cold night.

  • 5.0000
(2) Reviews
Mulled Dr. Pepper
90 calories
Mulled Dr. Pepper Submitted by: ahmafor3

Dr. Pepper drink made in the slow cooker. Nice holiday treat from Taste of Home's website.

Coffee and Cream Martini
279 calories
Coffee and Cream Martini Submitted by: ahmafor3

Tasty way to ring in the New Year! Recipe from Taste of Home's website.

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(1) Review
Eggnogaholic's Basic Eggnog Recipe
473 calories
Eggnogaholic's Basic Eggnog Recipe Submitted by: ahmafor3

For everyone that loves a traditional cup of eggnog on Christmas Day. From's website and the cook time is the amount of time needed to chill ingredients in the refrigerator.

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(1) Review
Pomegranate Martini Pitcher
497 calories
Pomegranate Martini Pitcher Submitted by: Alexi-Rae

From Canadian Living. This makes a pitcher full, you will get 10-12 servings

Malted Coffee (Iced)
160 calories
Malted Coffee (Iced) Submitted by: Alexi-Rae

A cold creamy, coffee that tastes like a combination of coffee and a chocolate milkshake.

Tropical Tea (Slow Cooker)
86 calories
Tropical Tea (Slow Cooker) Submitted by: AlteredEgo

This hot, fruity tea is a comforting beverage for the entire family. The recipe comes from the March 2006 cookbooklet, Taste of Home All-Time Best Slow Cooker Cards.

  • 5.0000
(1) Review
Green Smoothie
944 calories
Green Smoothie Submitted by: AustinVegLiving

This recipe was featured in our February/March 2010 newsletter. It was submitted by guest author/speaker Mary Olivar, Healthy Eating Specialist at Whole Foods Market's flagship store. She says this simple smoothie is a great way to...

Tomato Juice - Canning
1 calories
Tomato Juice - Canning Submitted by: Axe

Ok...Here's THE recipe for canning tomato juice that doesn't separate. Just like store bought tomato juice. The trick is to bring the juice to a rolling boil again AFTER you have run it through your food mill. I usually juice around...