15 Copycat Recipes You Will Fall in Love With

Remember when you fell in love with your favorite restraunt food dish? Well, we round up 15 favorite copycat recipes here for you to fall in love all over again! 

Just Like Carrabba's Italian Grill Chicken Marsala

I went to Carrabba's Italian Grill one day, and had their Chicken Marsala. It was the most delicious meal I have ever eaten in a restaurant. I loved the blend of flavors from the spices in the chicken, mixed with the wine infused mushroom sauce. In short, it was incredible! My mouth waters every time I think of it to this day. Here is the recipe for everyone to enjoy. Is it company...

Applebee's Baby Back Ribs Copycat

These ribs were a hit at a BBQ dinner I attended recently. The host was serving a bunch of copycat recipes and this one was on the menu. This can easily be made gluten free by using gluten free Worcestershire sauce.

KFC Coleslaw

This is the slaw recipe from KFC. If you like that then you can make it now!

Copycat Arby's Sauce For Roast Beef Sandwiches

Arby's sauce is delicious and so simple. This recipe is ideal to use left over roast beef or pot roast beef. Don't be stingy with the sauce. The recipe says 12 servings but I say 9. Add more Tabasco if you love spicy. The recipe is from"Recipe4living.

Copycat Outback Steakhouse Cyclone Pasta

found this on website www.allfreecopycatrecipes.com

Mocha Morning Drink - A Starbucks Copycat

I hope you're ready for a Taste Of Home recipe invasion because I have 6 new TOH recipes lined up & ready to share. This is the 1st, TOH credited Jill Rodriguez of Gonzales, Louisiana & it features 2 of my favorite food groups (Chocolate & Coffee). Diabetic Exchanges = 1/2 starch & 1/2 milk. ENJOY!

Commander's Shrimp & Andouille Sausage With Creole Mustard Sauce

This is a recipe from Commander's Palace in New Orleans, from back when Emeril Lagasse was the chef there. It combines the elements of Creole and Cajun cooking together. Try to find Andouille Sausage because of it's unique taste, but if you can't find it another good quality spicy smoked pork sausage can be substituted. I often use Conecuh Smoked Sausage when serving this to people...

KFC Copycat Potato Salad

I have always enjoyed the KFC potato salad, the consistency and flavors are just right for my taste buds. I have been on a mission to copy the flavors for a while now and this is the end result. The dill pickle juices are the key ingredient in this recipe, do not omit or sub this. Everyone who has tried this potato salad says it is “The Real Deal”

KFC Coleslaw - Copycat

A recipe I tried at a friends house. She was trying a bunch of copycat recipes at a BBQ dinner she was hosting. This was delicious and was gobbled up in no time. The original recipe calls for 1 cup of sugar as listed here but I only used 1/2 cup sugar when I made it.

Angry Whopper

The Angry Whopper Sauce recipe is posted here: #recipe22995

Angry Whopper Sauce

You can find the Angry Whopper Burger recipe here: #recipe22996

McDonald's Breakfast Bagel Sandwich (Steak)

I love this sandwich but I'm glad I can make it at home

Wendy's Chili (Copycat)

I made this a little while ago and we really liked it, I cannot compare it to Wendy's because I've never had it but I hear it's quite good. Makes about 16 cups and it freezes really well

A&W Teen Burger 2 (Copy Cat)

When I was little my Mom took us to A&W and this was my favorite burger. The sauce seems to have changed so this is the newer version. Ok the computer took the first one back so instead of salad dressing and barbecue sauce put 1 tablespoon Thousand Island dressing; this is how I remember it in the early '60s. There wasn't as much barbecue sauce as there is now.

A&W Whistle Dog (CopyCat)

This is a childhood favourite of mine. I would order this every time we went to A&W as a family. It was a drive-in restaurant at that time. The servers would wheel themselves around on roller skates and bring your food tray to the car and hang the meal tray over the open widow.

Schmidt's Meat Loaf,Copycat

Copycat from Columbus, Ohio Schmidt's served with mashed potatoes and green beans & spatzael