Hunan Shrimp, Pork, Beef, Chicken, and More

Hunan cuisine is a style of Chinese cuisine that originates from the province of Hunan. It is known for its bold and spicy flavors, which are achieved by using chili peppers, garlic, and other pungent ingredients. One of the most popular dishes from Hunan is the Hunan shrimp, which is made by stir-frying shrimp with chili peppers, garlic, and ginger. This dish is a perfect example of the bold and spicy flavors that are characteristic of Hunan cuisine.

In addition to Hunan shrimp, Hunan cuisine offers a wide variety of dishes that feature different meats, such as pork, beef, and chicken. These dishes are often cooked using similar techniques, but with different seasonings and spices. For example, Hunan pork is a popular dish that is made by stir-frying thinly sliced pork with vegetables and spicy seasonings. Hunan beef, on the other hand, is made with tender cuts of beef and a variety of spices that give it a rich, complex flavor.

But the beauty of Hunan cuisine is that it can be customized to suit any taste. In addition to the traditional dishes, Hunan cuisine allows for a wide variety of ingredients to be used. This means that you can create your own Hunan-inspired dishes with anything that you imagine. From tofu to vegetables to seafood, Hunan cuisine offers endless possibilities for creating delicious and unique dishes that are sure to satisfy your taste buds.

Hunan Shrimp

"This is out of one of my Weight Watchers cookbooks called "Take-Out Tonight!" Both DH and I really liked this dish. You can use 1/2 shrimp and 1/2 sea scallops if you prefer. You can also replace the asparagus with broccoli florets or fresh snow peas. This had 5 points on the old program."

Hunan Chairman Mao's Red-Braised Pork

(Mao Shi Hong Shao Rou)Red-braised pork is a dish that in Hunan is inseparably bound up with the memory of Chairman Mao: many restaurants call it "The Mao Family's red-braised pork." Mao Zedong loved it, and insisted his Hunanese chefs cook it for him in Beijing. It's a robust concoction, best eaten with plain steamed rice and simple stir-fried vegetables, from npr

Quick Hunan Grilled Chicken

Quick and simple, for when you are hungry "right now".

Grilled Tiger Prawns With Hunan Sauce

You can put the prawns on skewers or cook them in a grill basket if your grill has large openings between rows. If using bamboo skewers, soak them in water for 30 minutes to keep them from burning. NOTE: You can use a mix of fresh herbs, depending on your tastes, i.e. fresh mint, basil, etc.

General Tso's Chicken - NY's Craze!

Here's another one of those dishes that totally surprised me as being invented in New York. Apparently New York launched into a full on craze for Hunan food in the 60’s, and one dish in particular, General Chin’s chicken, was tweaked to suit the New Yorker's taste and renamed General Tso’s Chicken. Recipe Source: appetiteforchina, adjusting according to taste