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December 17, 2011

"When I make this I make lots and then freeze in bags using my Food Saver storage system, this method saves time and not to mention the greasy clean up that comes with frying, I pour the grease into a Pyrex measuring cup then save and refrigerate overnight or until hard then scoop out a few tablespoons at a time, freeze on plates then I place in freezer bags to use in recipes to add flavor, you may save or discard the grease "

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Step 1

Preheat oven to 400 degrees F (regular or convection oven, if you are using a regular oven set rack to lowest position).

Step 2

For easier clean up line your pan with foil, then spray generously with cooking spray.

Step 3

Arrange the bacon slices in one layer in the pan overlapping the slices slightly (this will prevent too much shrinkage). Cook the slices until evenly browned (about 17-22) minutes turning the bacon halfway through cooking time.

Step 4

Transfer to paper towels or a rack. Use immediately or freeze to use later. Heat in microwave to crisp up before serving.


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Honestly, this is the best method I've come across for baking bacon. I don't know if it is because of the temp, the flipping the bacon halfway through, or the position of the oven rack but the results were salty magic. GREAT technique, one I appreciate to free up the stovetop while I'm fixing breakfast. I used parchment paper instead of tin foil.


review by:
(12 Mar 2023)


So good made this way. Who says you can't teach old dogs new tricks! Well I'll be danged! This is a great way to make bacon and so easy with delicious results. We like ours crispy and they were just right! No more top of the stove greasy mess for us now. Love it!


review by:
(7 Jun 2021)


Great idea for bacon. We like ours nice and crispy!


(7 Sep 2020)


Wow... This turned out so much better than I thought it would! I used a rind less bacon and thought it may overcook a little, but it was just as we enjoy it! I followed the recipe as written and served the bacon with eggs, avocado, roast tomatoes and muffins for breakfast. This will be how I will be cooking bacon from now on.


review by:
(28 Jul 2019)


Best way to cook bacon by far! I use parchment baking sheets from the regional professional kitchen supply rather than foil - still works great and clean up is so easy. Thanks for a winning method!


review by:
(12 Feb 2017)


Thanks, Kit for making life easier, especially when we head to the Lake and have a bunch of breakfast guests. I prep the bacon at home in bulk, freeze a dozen or so slices in ziplocs along with a frozen blob of cold bacon fat, and it's one less pan to pull out. Love it.


review by:
(17 May 2013)

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