Crispy Bacon - In a Cast Iron Skillet

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"My husband likes his bacon crispy ( not chewy) and I have tried a number of methods-this works well."

Original recipe yields 1 serving

Step 1

Place Bacon strips close together in a cold heavy cast iron skillet, you can overlap a bit but don't crowd.

Step 2

Turn the burner on medium and let the bacon cook. Don't touch it until the fat is partly rendered.

Step 3

Pour off the excess fat and turn over the strips. Cook until the fat renders off again then pour off the excess fat once more.

Step 4

Cook the bacon a bit more, turning if needed, until there are white bubbles present. Take the bacon out and let crisp on paper towels.

Tips & Variations

  • Cast Iron heavy skillet


DH made breakfast this morning and this is the way he has cooked his bacon since I have known him (39 years) though he likes it super crispy to the point there is no fat left and it is like eating crackly. Thank you natsgarden123, made for Alphabet Soup tag game.

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(24 May 2015)


thank you for posting this recipe and method!

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(10 Sep 2013)