Maple Brined Smoked Rainbow Trout

Prep Time
3 to 4h
Cook Time
3h 10m
Ready In

"Smoked fish is in our regular rotation here and I have many recipes we alternate back and forth from. This one is my favorite. The time listed is simply a guideline; this depends on how thick your fillets are and how dry you like your smoked fish. The fillets pictured here were just under 1/2 an inch thick and had just enough moisture for my liking when smoked for 3 hours. The type of smoker you are using also makes a difference for the cook time; it’s all about getting to know your smoker."

Original is 10-12 servings


  • Serving Size: 1 (162.5 g)
  • Calories 196.3
  • Total Fat - 3.9 g
  • Saturated Fat - 0.8 g
  • Cholesterol - 66.9 mg
  • Sodium - 1433.3 mg
  • Total Carbohydrate - 15.7 g
  • Dietary Fiber - 0.1 g
  • Sugars - 15.4 g
  • Protein - 23.3 g
  • Calcium - 88.7 mg
  • Iron - 0.9 mg
  • Vitamin C - 3.2 mg
  • Thiamin - 0.1 mg

Step by Step Method

Step 1

Place all the ingredients except for the fish in a saucepan and bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer while stirring until the sugar and salt are completely dissolved; set aside to cool completely.

Step 2

Pour half the maple mixture in a casserole dish big enough to hold the fish fillets laid flat, place the fillets flesh side down into the liquid and pour the remaining liquid over the fish.

Step 3

Cover with plastic wrap and keep refrigerated at least 12 hours.

Step 4

Remove the fillets from the marinade and place them flesh side up on the smoker grates and place in a prepared smoker.

Step 5

Smoke for 2 1/2 to 3 hours at 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step 6

Step 7

NOTE: The cook time depends on how thick your fillets are and how dry you like the fish.


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