How To Cook A New England Lobster

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"If you have never made lobster, this is a guideline of how long to cook them so they are cooked, but not cooked too much. The results will be tender, delicious lobster that you will enjoy time after time. The cook time is after bringing the water to a boil."

Original is 2 servings

Step by Step Method

Step 1

Fill a large pot two thirds full with water. Add 1/2 cup of salt per gallon of water, and bring to a boil.

Step 2

Place the lobster(s) into the boiling water head first. Make sure the head is completely submerged.

Step 3

Cover the pot, and return to a boil.

Step 4

Cook lobster according to size:

Step 5

10 minutes for 1 pound lobster.

Step 6

13 minutes for 2 pound lobster.

Step 7

3 additional minutes for each additional pound.

Step 8

The lobster is fully cooked when the lobster is bright red, and when the antennae pull out easily.


  • 1 large stock pot

5 Reviews

Seaside Helene

I didn't see any reason to use the salt so left it out. Worked just the same!


review by:
(25 Jul 2019)


My sister sent me some Maine lobsters and we cooked them like this. They claws and tails were so tender and tasted devine!


review by:
(1 Sep 2013)


We finally had our family lobster and clam feed and I wanted an actual recipe to go by to cook the lobster to see how they came out. This worked like a charm for me and the family was overjoyed with the fresh, tender meat cooking it this way produced. Excellent and easy directions for delicious lobster!


(30 Aug 2013)


We had 8 of us eating lobster. Everyone was sitting around waiting for them to be done and when I brought them out everyone grabbed their lobster and tore into it. With water dripping down my arm, I dipped my first piece of claw into the drawn butter and savored the sweet buttery lobster as if it were my last meal. Sweet buttery goodness in each bite, I was in heaven. We loved them steamed and will make them just like this when we have them! It took about 20 minutes for four lobsters and I just made 2 batches to feed us all.


review by:
(17 Aug 2013)


Lobsters were on sale this past week for 5.99 a pound so we picked up 4 to make some lobster rolls. I wasn't quite sure how to cook the lobsters and was so happy to find this recipe here. It is right on for the time for this recipe and the lobster was so tender cooking it this way. Now I feel like a pro, and now I can cook them instead of having to go elsewhere to have lobster!


review by:
(29 Jun 2013)

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