Oven Baked Corn On The Cob

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"Well it does not get any easier than this recipe. This is my new favourite way of cooking corn. Get ready to do it the easy way! Smothered in butter and salt and pepper....OHHH YEH! This is such a wonderful and delicious way to cook fresh corn, so moist and tender you wont believe it. I can fit 10 corn in my oven on the top shelf, but it optional to how many you use."

Original is 1-10 serving

Step by Step Method

Step 1

Preheat the oven to 350°F.

Step 2

Carefully peel back the husks and wash the corn under water. Cut off any silk or long stalk hanging out of the end but do not peel the corn or remove any inside silks yet.....just gently pull back the husks and wash. (I don"t do this as I grow my own corn)

Step 3

Place the corn directly onto the TOP oven rack and cook for 25 -30 minutes. Turning back to front half way through cooking...use anb oven mitt for this....the cooking time will depend on your oven.

Step 4

The corn will be done when the kernels are slightly soft beneath the husks.

Step 5

Remove the corn from the oven and allow the corn to cool for a a minute or 2 ~ then using an oven mitt of clean tea towel pull back the husks and silks to reveal a perfectly cooked corn cob ..... be careful as the corn and silks will be hot, but the silks and husks will remove really easily for you.

Step 6

Serve with butter and salt and pepper immediately.


No special items needed.

6 Reviews


This is a wonderful way to make corn! It keeps its natural sweetness, what it was meant to be. I’ve cooked it twice already – once using supermarket fresh corn and the second time, used close to home, local farm grown corn. Both times, the corn came out fabulous. The local grown, was sweeter, but both came out great. I’ll make it this way more often and there’s less mess. Thank you, Tisme, for sharing this keeper!


review by:
(7 Sep 2023)


Yummy. This is a good way to make corn when the weather is fine for the oven. Works perfectly.


review by:
(29 Aug 2023)


First time cook-in-the-husk oven corn baker here and I was really happy with the results! I already had the oven going and this was a super easy and convenient way to cook the corn on the cob. It didn't make messy dishes and it has great presentation value at the table. Plus, it tastes great! Really appreciated this technique, especially since it saves a burner on the stove. Thanks for sharing this recipe!


review by:
(5 Apr 2023)


Five stars for being such an easy recipe! I love corn and this recipe did not disappoint. I was very lucky to find corn in the husks this time of year where I live, and was so happy it turned out so well. The cooking time was perfect for us. Made for Best of 2021 tag game!


review by:
(7 Feb 2022)


This is great! Mine cooked faster because of my RV stove. So I can't review the time. This is a great way to cook corn. Thanks Tis.


(14 Jul 2021)


Years ago when I BBQ'd I loved corn done on the grill. I don't BBQ anymore so this recipe really caught my eye. Corn cooked like this, without water, is fabulous. There is no comparison - it is so sweet. The husk & silk come away so neatly. Instead of butter I paint on lite mayo with spices mixed in. Tisme I love this recipe and this is the only way I will cook my corn from now one.


review by:
(12 Sep 2017)

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