Applebee's Summer Squeeze Similar Recipes

Applebee's Summer Squeeze is a delicious cocktail beverage that is made with lemonade. If you are looking for a simular cocktail, here are great tasting ideas for you with rum, lemon or lime. And more!


This tropical cocktail helps bring a hint of warm sunshine to a cold mid-western winter. Or - enjoy as a refreshing summertime beverage!

Fireside Tea (Alcoholic)

When my mom moved to a senior community and was purging her home, I snatched up her 1973 'The Barcardi Party Book'. In the book, this recipe was called Barcardi Fireside. I love the idea of this recipe, and while I haven't tried it yet, I drink a lot of hot tea in the winter or when I'm not feeling great. The first step (warming the mug) was not in the original recipe, but it...

The Alien Abduction

Party sized pitcher drink/cocktail. Prepared to be whisked away....

Belize Breeze

Can you just imagine sipping on this while on a Belize beach. Ahhhh.

Papa Doble Cocktail

We love cruising! This is a recipe from Carnival Cruise's Havana Bar. Enjoy! (Cook time is shaking time!)

Guava Daiquiri Of The Tropics

The soft, pink flesh of a fresh guava exudes a perfume and flavor that is intoxicating. This tropical fruit, found flourishing along roadsides in the Caribbean, yields a luscious nectar that combines beautifully with fresh lime juice and, of course, rum. Though fresh guavas may be hard to come by in areas north of the Caribbean, excellent-quality nectar is not. Source: Calypso Coolers

Goombay Smash

A classic cocktail from the Bahamas

Bahama Goombay Smash

Another version, from Bon Appetit, of this delicious cocktail from the Bahamas.

Twisted Mai Tai

Tropical boat drink.

Frozen Strawberry Mojito

I tried this drink recipe as a test run for my upcoming get together, this recipe yields 2 servings I used 4 ounces of Cap Morgan's white rum, well we won't go any further...anyway I can tell you this is one of those OMG this is good drinks, and now is in my top 5 favorites