Smell-Away - Skunk Rinse for Dogs

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May 14, 2014

"If you have the unfortunate luck to have your dog sprayed by a skunk, there's all sorts of home-remedies for getting rid of the smell. This one is purported to be better than the popular tomato juice method and makes a whole lot of sense (scents???) to me. The recipe itself is one simple step (mix all ingredients in a large plastic container), but the remaining steps are instructions on how to apply. Here's hoping we NEVER have to use this!!!"

Original is 1 serving


  • Serving Size: 1 (26.5 g)
  • Calories 153.2
  • Total Fat - 10.5 g
  • Saturated Fat - 2 g
  • Cholesterol - 0 mg
  • Sodium - 178.7 mg
  • Total Carbohydrate - 13 g
  • Dietary Fiber - 0.5 g
  • Sugars - 0.4 g
  • Protein - 1.7 g
  • Calcium - 3.7 mg
  • Iron - 0.9 mg
  • Vitamin C - 0 mg
  • Thiamin - 0.1 mg

Step by Step Method

Step 1

In a large plastic container or pail, mix up all the ingredients. If you have a large breed dog, you may have to double or triple the amounts.

Step 2

Don't wet down the dog - start with a dry coat. Wear long plastic gloves during the entire process.

Don't use this near the eyes because the peroxide will burn them.

Step 3

Apply the mixture to your pet's dry coat from the collar back toward the tail. Lather the solution into your dog's coat and skin. Rub the solution around for about five minutes or until the skunk smell starts to dissipate.

Step 4

Rinse completely once the smell starts to decrease, then REPEAT the entire process again.

Step 5

If her head is as stinky as the body, use a sponge to apply the solution to the chin, cheeks, forehead and ears, being EXTREMELY careful not to go near the eyes. When you rinse the head area, tilt her chin upward so the solution doesn't run down into the eyes. Instead, allow the water to run back off the neck.

You may need to repeat the lather and rinse process up to three times, but it's a very effective method for removing the skunk smell from your pet.

Step 6

The final rinse should be VERY THOROUGH.

This solution cannot be prepared in advance and stored - it will lose it's effectiveness. It must be made fresh, right before you apply it to your pet. So if you live in the jungle like I do, it's best to have the bottle of peroxide on hand at all times, ready to be mixed up!


  • Plastic bucket or container

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