Rye Sandwich Bread With Poolish

Prep Time
Cook Time
4h 45m
Ready In

"A common loaf in our home, it contains no caraway seed, just the taste of rye. It's a somewhat sweet bread we really like. The percentage of rye flour is 23% with the rest being bread flour."

Original is 12 servings


  • Serving Size: 1 (133.3 g)
  • Calories 285.8
  • Total Fat - 4.5 g
  • Saturated Fat - 0.7 g
  • Cholesterol - 0 mg
  • Sodium - 554.9 mg
  • Total Carbohydrate - 56.5 g
  • Dietary Fiber - 7.3 g
  • Sugars - 7.4 g
  • Protein - 9.1 g
  • Calcium - 26.9 mg
  • Iron - 2.5 mg
  • Vitamin C - 0 mg
  • Thiamin - 0.3 mg

Step by Step Method


Step 1

Mix poolish ingredients

Step 2

Cover and rest on counter for 2 hours or into fridge overnight)


Step 3

Scrape the poolish into a large bowl and add the warm water and oil and mix well.

Step 4

Add the flour, sugar and mix into a shaggy dough.

Step 5

Cover and let rest for 20 minutes.

Step 6

Sprinkle the yeast over the dough.

Step 7

Dissolve the salt into a small amount of water and add to the dough.

Step 8

With wet hands, work the liquid, salt and yeast throughout the dough while in the bowl. Knead the dough in the bowl for 5 minutes.

Step 9

Cover the bowl and let rest for 20 minutes.

Step 10

Tip the dough onto an oiled counter and stretch into a rectangle. Fold the dough letter style, north to south and south to north. Do the same stretch and fold east to west and west to east. Cover and rest for 20 minutes.

Step 11

Repeat the stretch, fold, and rest procedure two more times or until the dough is smooth.

Step 12

Place the dough into a clear, straight sided container and mark the level.

Step 13

Cover and let the dough rise until twice its original volume.

Step 14

Remove a 35 g sample and divide the dough into two loaves. Either make freestanding loaves or place into loaf pans. Roll the sample into a ball and place into a small, straight sided glass like a juice glass. Mark the level. Cover all the loaves with plastic film.

Step 15

Preheat the oven to 375F.

Step 16

When the dough has risen 1.5 times its original volume, place the loaves into the oven and bake for 20 minutes.

Step 17

Rotate the loaves and bake until 200 F to 210 F internal temperature.

Step 18

If loaves darken early, cover loosely with foil and finish baking.


No special items needed.

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