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"Fun way to make lunch or dinner more interesting for a toddler! I used ramen in the pic and colored it with food coloring to make it look like seaweed."

Original recipe yields 1 serving

Step 1

Cut slits along the length of the hotdog, stopping about 1 inch from the end. I cut it 3/4 of the way down the hotdog, all the way through it, then flip it one quarter turn and cut again. (So its in quarters) Then I layed the 4 legs out and cut each of them again. So that you create 8 legs.

Step 2

Drop into boiling water. The "Legs" will start to curl as it cooks. Remove and place on top of mac and cheese or whatever you want to serve them with. In my pictures I put them on ramen that had been totally drained, flavoring added and then I colored the ramen green/blue to be like seaweed.

Tips & Variations

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The little ones loved this. thank you for posting this

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(8 Sep 2012)