Kittencal's Crispy Skillet Potato Slices

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"If I have any leftover potatoes in my fridge I most always make these… the potatoes must be completely cold from the refrigerator before using for this or they will fall apart, I have not listed the exact amounts you may use as much as you like but make certain to have enough oil in your skillet while frying the potato slices. If you love crispy potatoes you will love this! "

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Step 1

Heat about 1/2 inch oil in a heavy skillet over medium-high heat (the oil must be hot before adding in the potatoes).

Step 2

Add in the potato slices in one layer in the skillet and cook on one side until browned then using tongs turn and brown on the other side turning quite frequently until desired crispiness is achieved and seasoning with seasoned salt and black pepper while frying (you may need to fry the potatoes in batches depending on the amount you are making as the potato slices must be in one layer).

Step 3

Transfer to a plate (if I am doing a lot of potatoes I transfer the browned ones to a foil plate and keep warm in a 200 degree F oven removing to add more potatoes as I am cooking, if you are doing a large amount of potatoes you may need to add in more oil during cooking).

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These tasty taters were a perfect side to baked trout. A definite do again recipe!

review by:
(4 Feb 2014)


Can’t go wrong with these fried potatoes! These were delicious. I fried them up in peanut oil in my cast iron skillet. I sprinkled just a bit of fresh chopped rosemary over the potatoes after they were done, and served them up with Kitten’s Juicy Extra Baked Crispy Chicken. Thanks Kitten!

review by:
(4 Jan 2012)


I agree ~~ cold baked potatoes make the best fried! I like to leave the skins on sometimes, too.

review by:
(21 Dec 2011)