5 Chicken Recipes You Can Bake Right Now

We know there are so many ways to cook up chicken. The old saying that chicken tastes like everything doesn't have to be the norm around here. One of the best ways to spice up your chicken is to bake it in the oven. In fact, if you really want to up your home cooking skills, I would suggest trying some of the chicken recipes that we have put together below. 

1. Oven-Fried Chicken - Bisquick

"It's an All Time Favorite.," says TeresaS. She loves to serve steamed veggies and BBQ sauce on the side and Lazyme gave this one a five star rating while saying "It doesn't get much easier than this." 

A platter of oven baked chicken

2. Baked Chicken Dijon

Breezermom loved this so much she said that this recipe was "Very tender and moist....I made the dipping sauce for my son and he loved it, so I stole a taste and went back and made some for myself! Great Sunday lunch today!" 

Chicken baked with dijon mustard on a plate.

3. Easy Thai Baked Chicken

Chicken pieces with a taste of Thai baked in the oven. Marinated with a sauce you will fall in love with! TeresaS shared that she loved the flavor "and it was all the way through the meat." Sounds delicious!

Baked Thai Chicken sliced on a cutting board

4. Baked Chicken Parma Rosa - Yankee Kitchen

Although this chicken dinner recipe looks really complicated, it is actually very easy to bake and members LOVE it! JostLori said "OM Gosh, this is delicious! Followed recipe to a "T", and made double sauce as other reviewers mentioned. "

A pice of chicken baked in the oven on a plate

5. Mexican Rice & Black Bean Casserole (With Chicken)

Baked in the oven with a delicious mix of chicken, rice and black beans this is a casserole that is so simple to prepare and make. AJQuilts says it best explaining that "it's full of classic Mexican flavors and makes an easy weeknight meal."

A Mexican Rice and Bean with Chicken Casserole served on a fork


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