Chicken Roulade Like California Roll

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For those who like Japanese food, this is just like your California roll. Just, you know, replace the rice with chicken, mangoes with spinach, imitation crab with cheese, and everything else with tomatoes and olives mixed well to create a great sauce. Okay so maybe this isn’t completely like your California rolls but how it’s made is kind of the same thing, more or less.

I absolutely loved this recipe! Chicken is definitely one of my favorite go-to meals so to be able to find recipes that will mix it up is really great. This is also perfect served with pasta, rice, or maybe even just as it is. It’s packed with so much flavor and I didn’t even like olives so much before.

chicken roulade recipe in pan cooking

So here’s what happened: my friends and I planned a small get-together since we’ve been so busy the past couple of weeks. We decided to just go to our friend’s house and hold a small potluck party. That got me thinking, what can I bring that everyone would enjoy? I could just buy pizza from a favorite store, but where’s the fun in that? 

I scrolled through to look for ideas. It took me quite a while to decide (because honestly, there are so much great stuff in here) until I came across this recipe. I know a lot of people feel overwhelmed when it comes to stuffing meat or that anything that involves pounding would make them look for another recipe. Some would even wonder first if there’s any special occasion before they could even think about rolling meat into a great dish. But trust me, even if you think the day isn’t special enough to serve food with white wine in it, you’ll surely be a star with this recipe. And to be honest, I did feel like a star when I served my friends with this dish because they really enjoyed it.

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This is one of those recipes that would really fill up your kitchen with great aroma because the flavors combining with one another is just simply fantastic. You know what I’m talking about: it’s one of those nights when your mom, dad, or special someone is cooking in the kitchen and as you walk towards that area, you can immediately tell that he or she’s cooking up something good because of the smell. You reach the kitchen, get a peek of what’s cooking, and you pour yourself a glass of that white wine because, well, why not? If that chicken can have it, then so you can you!

Another great thing that I like about stuffed meat is this sort of surprise that you get once you have a slice. It’s as if all the work you put into it is worth it especially with all that mozzarella stretching out as you prepare for a bite. I’m not even sorry if I put a little extra of that cheese. And even if I wasn’t the one who made it, having this for dinner would really make the day special even if I just planned a cozy day at home with my family.

stuffed chicken with spinach recipe

So the next time you have doubts on whether you should make a meal that involves pounding and rolling, maybe you should think again, and definitely try out this recipe. It’s simply amazing!