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7-Eleven Cherry Slurpee
1468 calories
Banana Banshee Cocktail
527 calories
Banana Banshee Cocktail Submitted by: dienia b

Blender drink

Banana Dream
85 calories
Banana Dream Submitted by: dienia b

An African drink using amarula cream liqueur

Banana Mango Margarita
132 calories
Banana Mango Margarita Submitted by: Sue Lau

Quick and easy in the blender.

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Banana Mudslide
138 calories
Banana Mudslide Submitted by: Sue Lau

Yummy and evil, in a good way.

Banana Shake
336 calories
Banana Shake Submitted by: KellyLebrun

Just try this!

Black Mulberry Margarita
268 calories
Blended Jazzberry
472 calories
Blended Jazzberry Submitted by: dienia b

Made this up; when playing zwt for challenge don't want to lose it. You could add hooch if you want to or just leave it virgin. I did try it with a little Amaretto and it was good.

Blueberry Pie Shake
232 calories
Bonnie Prince Charles
586 calories
Bonnie Prince Charles Submitted by: lazyme

Found this ice cream cocktail on cooksdotcom. It uses a Scottish liquor, Drambuie.

Bourbon Slush
75 calories
Bourbon Slush Submitted by: dienia b

Kentucky Derby Museum Cookbook,via blue kale road great blog for my sister jackie ,i think she will like this by her pol lol , thats where i would be drinking this lol

Brazilian Lemonade
630 calories
Brazilian Lemonade Submitted by: dienia b

This drink is made with limes, here's how they explain it.... In Brazil and there’s a bit of confusion over here about what is a lime. they usually call limes, lemmons and lemmons are called Sicilian lemmons. The only fruits I...

Cantaloupe Margarita
300 calories
Cantaloupe Margarita Submitted by: Sue Lau

Tastes wonderful and has a velvety texture. I nuke my frozen cubes about 30-45 seconds to soften them up just a tad and make it easier for the blender.

Chi Chi
986 calories
Chi Chi Submitted by: Puppitypup

On a hot day, these are really good. I like to keep small 6 ounce cans of pineapple juice in the pantry. They're a great addition to many recipes. Recipe adapted from Marg at fooddotcom.

Chocolate Beer Floats (Adults Only!)
226 calories
Chocolate Beer Floats (Adults Only!) Submitted by: Kittencal

This is a great summer time drink, but don't wait until summer to make these! The syrup can be stored in a squeeze bottle or jar in the refrigerator for up to 3 weeks.

Chocolate Soda Or Float (Fountain Style & Lightened)
600 calories
Chocolate Soda Or Float (Fountain Style & Lightened) Submitted by: twissis

Old-fashioned soda fountain drinks are almost entirely a matter of history now w/all the new beverage varieties. I still remember them fondly from my college days when they were already disappearing from sight & long for the special...

Coba Shake
276 calories
Coba Shake Submitted by: dienia b

this has coffee and banana sounds bad right ? its awesome

Coco Lopez Piña Colada
331 calories
Coco Lopez Piña Colada Submitted by: JostLori

This is the Piña Colada recipe found on the Coco Lopez can that is manufactured for the Latin American market. This is one BIG drink, or two quite small ones.

Coconut Rose Lassi
193 calories
Coconut Rose Lassi Submitted by: dienia b

An Indian recipe, I use less rosewater than indians do feel free to add more if you wish

Creamsicle Milkshake
248 calories
Creamsicle Milkshake Submitted by: lazyme

This tastes just like that orange-y ice cream bar you loved when you were a kid! From The Comfort Diner Cookbook.

Cuban Strawberry Banana Milk Shake Batido
279 calories
Cuban Strawberry Banana Milk Shake Batido Submitted by: dienia b

can use papayas or mango