Tofu (Homemade)

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"Who knew? Homemade tofu is an inexpensive and nourishing, protein-rich food. Low in fat, versatile and with numerous health advantages. Making your own is great, because you know exactly what went into it. And, its super easy. NOTE: COOK TIME INCLUDES RESTING TIME. But first, some tips: Three coagulants are shown in the recipe. USE ONLY ONE!!! The amount of coagulant used will influence the texture of the final product: For instance, more coagulant will produce firmer tofu, while less coagulant will produce softer tofu. To give the tofu a more fibrous texture, cover the tofu in water in a sealable container and place in the freezer. Thaw when ready to use. Molds are available on Amazon or anywhere that sells cheesemaking supplies. Recipe is from one of my favorite websites: Cultures for Health."

Original recipe yields 1 serving


  • Serving Size: 1 (1854.1 g)
  • Calories 634.7
  • Total Fat - 0.3 g
  • Saturated Fat - 0.1 g
  • Cholesterol - 0 mg
  • Sodium - 42.6 mg
  • Total Carbohydrate - 107.8 g
  • Dietary Fiber - 0.1 g
  • Sugars - 2.3 g
  • Protein - 52.1 g
  • Calcium - 333.5 mg
  • Iron - 23.1 mg
  • Vitamin C - 0.2 mg
  • Thiamin - 2.8 mg

Step 1

Boil the soy milk for 5 minutes and then let it cool to 160-175°F (70-80°C) degrees.

If you are making soy milk using a soy milk maker, there is no need to boil the milk again.

Step 2

Dissolve the coagulant of your choice in a cup of warm water--do not let it set too long!

Step 3

Mix the water and coagulant mixture into the hot soy milk. Gently stir the milk but do not over mix. Allow the mixture to sit undisturbed for 15-25 minutes.

While the mixture sits, small white curds will separate from amber colored liquid.

Step 4

Once the process is complete, transfer the curds into a molding container (like a cheese mold - they have holes to allow draining) lined with cheesecloth or a similar fabric. Fold the fabric over the curds and place a small weight on top to begin pressing out the liquid. Allow the mixture to be pressed by the weight for 20-30 minutes or until it holds together. Remove the block of tofu from the mold.

NOTE: If you don't plan on using the tofu the same day that you make it, store it in a container filled with cold water in the refrigerator. Change this soaking water daily until you consume your tofu.

Tips & Variations

  • Cheese mold

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