Rosemary Vinegar

Prep Time
Cook Time
12d 20m
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"I love the flavor of herbs, and am always trying to use them in my cooking and baking. This is a family recipe which I use in salad dressing's makes for an added flavor. I must admit a pretty bottle looks lovely with this vinegar in it."

Original recipe yields 600ml servings

Step 1

NOTE: Make sure to use a heatproof jar or bottle for this recipe ~ especially for the later part. Although I always place a metal soup or dessert spoon in the jar when pouring in hot liquid as the spoon takes up the heat and helps the jar not to crack.

Step 2

Fill a sterilized wide neck jar or bottle with the rosemary sprigs.

Step 3

Fill the jar to the top with vinegar, cover tightly and place in a warm, light spot for about 5 - 6 weeks.

Step 4

After the six week period ~ Filter the vinegar mixture through some muslin, or coffee filter paper & discard the rosemary.

Step 5

Heat the vinegar until it begins to simmer, but do not boil. Wash 1 or 2 extra rosemary sprig's (making sure the rosemary is washed then dried off well).

Step 6

Wash the bottle or jar and lid in hot soapy water, rinse the jar and lid really well, leaving no residue in the jar then dry the jar in a warm oven. Remove the warm jar using oven mittens from oven and pour the vinegar back into the sterilized jar/bottle. Add extra 1 or 2 rosemary sprigs to the jar, (this extra rosemary looks pretty for decoration) and seal the jar immediately while vinegar is still hot place lid on and store in a dark place until using.

Step 7

NOTE: Use within 6 months (It will probably last longer, but I never have never had it any longer as it is always used before then).

Tips & Variations

No special items needed.