Christmas Recipes


It is Christmas time again at and not only are sleigh bells ringing there is a sweet gingerbread aroma with cinimon sticks steaming in the kitchen. Whether you love to bake, broil, steam or just entertain, we have wonderful recipes for you and yours to enjoy! 

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Turkey Recipes

deep-fried-turkey roast-turkey-background
recipe-title-icon Deep Fried Turkey recipe-title-icon Roast Turkey for Beginners  
submitted-by-icon Submitted By: queenbea submitted-by-icon Submitted By: Derf  
buttery-herb-turkey-backgrouns kittencal-perfect-roasted-whole-turkey
recipe-title-icon Buttery Herb Roasted Turkey
recipe-title-icon Kittencal's Perfect Roasted Whole
submitted-by-icon Submitted By: Kchurchill5 submitted-by-icon Submitted By: Kittencal  View More turkey recipes



Stuffing Recipes

turkey-dressong turkey-stuffing
recipe-title-icon Turkey Dressing for the
Holiday Bird
recipe-title-icon Turkey Stuffing  
submitted-by-icon Submitted By: Gerry
submitted-by-icon Submitted By: queenbea
turkey-stuffing-to-stuff-turkey old-fashioned-bread-stuffing
recipe-title-icon Turkey Stuffing - To Stuff A Turkey recipe-title-icon Old-Fashioned Bread and Celery
Dressing or Stuffing
submitted-by-icon Submitted By: Kittencal
submitted-by-icon Submitted By: Sue
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Christmas Side Recipes

yam sausage-wild-rice  
recipe-title-icon Baked Yams With Grand Marnier recipe-title-icon Sausage and Wild Rice Stuffed
Acorn Squash
submitted-by-icon Submitted By: Mikekey submitted-by-icon Submitted By: Kchurchill5  
greek-salad potatoes  
recipe-title-icon Greek Village Salad (Nick and
Marina Makris Horiatiki Salad)
recipe-title-icon Linda's Fluffiest Mashed Potatoes
You Will Ever Eat
submitted-by-icon Submitted By: Gerry submitted-by-icon Submitted By: LindasBusyKitchen View More Christmas side recipes