Mexican Rice & Black Bean Casserole (With Chicken)

Mexican Rice Black Bean Casserole Can I share a secret? It is a bit embarrassing, but with every good embarrassing secret, it makes for good reading. I suppose. Ok, here goes. A bit personal here. Being a part of running is lots of fun. And I get to dive into something else that I love. Being a food blogger on the blogging side of a recipe sharing site. But I must say, there is one really awful and hard thing about being a food blogger. Ok, here goes. Don't laugh. Serious stuff here. Mexican rice black bean casserole It's 3:00 in the afternoon. I am rummaging through, literally now, tens of thousands of recipes, trying to decide what recipe I want to cook up for tonight. I don't have a general game plan. I am just crazy hungry and some of the food photos by our members are leaving me wiping the salivating drool from the side of my jaw with just one thought. Forget it. I am just getting a pizza. mmmm. p.i.z.z.a. I slowly type in pizza in the search field and find so many really good pizza recipes that I start to day dream about all the fun we can have as a family rolling out dough, splashing on sauce, sprinkling and then throwing on masses of cheese and other toppings... you get the idea.

Mexican rice black bean casserole ingredients Time to get serious. I need a recipe that YOU can engage in. Both in reading and in wanting to make the recipe yourself. Empowerment. Right. I am still crazy hungry. Time to settle down, grab a healthy snack to settle the cravings, and focus. Like the days of school before writing an exam. I think I had more focus back then. You? Brings me to a question. What kind of a hungry foodie are you? A mouse, cat or bear? Me - ya, ask my family. I am definitely a bear. I confess. I have zero focus when I am hungry. Like now! Ok, snack time. Mexican rice black bean casserole This is a great snack. It is a flat bread with sesames on it, with a spreading of a garden vegetable and herb cheese. You can get this cheese ball typically around the section where you shop for fancy cheeses. Definitely worth your effort to get if you have never tried one of these cheese balls before. Yum! It will transform your crackers and make your guests think you are a foodie rock star. Get your music on cause when you top it off with a simple strawberry with sugar sauce it will make your guests go bananas. It is that good. I am using a recipe I wrote about here. Great appetizer for this dish. Mexican rice black bean casseroleAnd what a serious dish this is!! It has the right amount of comfort food ideas that pack your senses into knowing that your hunger craving is gonna really take a dive. Cause this has got the right stuff. Melted cheese. Comfort food casserole. Mexican cuisine. That fast food idea with homemade goodness. Think delicious and you arrive at our meal of the day today. And left overs for lunch tomorrow. Maybe not.  Cause the family is gonna eat this right up. I must admit, I have never cooked rice in chicken broth before. Is that normal?Mexican Rice and Black Bean Casserole