Pine Cone Bird Feeders

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December 06, 2015

"Great way to feed the birds in winter. But beware-squirrels like these too."

Original recipe yields 1 serving

Step 1

Apply the peanut butter to the pine cone with a table knife, pushing the peanut butter in between the petals of the cone.

Step 2

Roll the cone in a pan of bird seed. Shake off the excess. Tie the string around the base or top of cone.

Step 3

Hang from a tree branch.

Tips & Variations

No special items needed.

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I got to keep my 3 year old grandson this weekend and we made these together. We had a cardinal tasting our treat within an hour! And a chipmunk visited the next day. Great fun and they were a great success. Thanks for sharing!

review by:
(24 Sep 2019)


This was fun. I picked up a bucket of pine cones from my backyard, and just make a couple of bird seed covered ones. Next I'll tie some twine to them and hang them from a's raining so I'll wait until it stops tomorrow to do that. I'll probably put out a few every couple of weeks all winter. Looking forward to watching the birds!

review by:
(1 Nov 2018)


These are so easy to make! The hardest part is finding the pine cones for Every time I found some and left them on the verandah to make ~ well let's just say the dog thought I had especially found them for her so she could use them for her game of fetch! To make these a little more economical ~ I used a no name brand peanut butter (which made it a lot cheaper to make these) although I had never used it before I will be buying from now on as I like it myself! ;-) I got a huge bag of seeds from the market and eventually able to keep a few pine cones I found from around the corner and I was in business! I ended up just using my fingers instead of a knife ~ maybe it was a little messier, but the peanut butter sure got in there! I have placed these on the bird feeder, and now it is just a waiting game! I will be back with an update! UPDATE: I did have to wait a few days, but come they did, and within a few hours, all that was left was some lonely naked pine cones hanging from a They loved them!

review by:
(22 Apr 2018)