Chicken Bordeaux

Chicken Bordeaux Recipe Ok. I admit. there is nothing in the world quite like making the perfect meal. I mean nothing. Not even making the perfect meal. Is there such a thing? I admit. I am such a home cook. And as a home cook who just happens to be taking photos of the meals that I prepare and serve, I want everything to be perfect. From the prep, to the actual cooking, to the layout of the food for a photo or two, and then finally on the table for my family. The reward? This is THE BEST!!!! The best what? Do I ever hear those words? My five year old often says something like: Yuck. I am not eating that! I want something else. Now, take my sweetie for example, I hear the words: "Ya, this is really amazing." Is it the top five of all times, I ask. "Well, no, it's not your Chicken Cordon Bleu. When are you going to make that again?" Ok, to be fair, the Chicken Cordon Bleu is a top 2 recipe. Hard to top that, but aren't our experiences in life sometimes compared to the BEST EVER? Chicken Bordeaux Ingredients Chicken Bordeaux Recipe ooooh. I love mushrooms. The flavors in this mushroom sauce are to live for! The butter, the perfectly cooked golden brown garlic, a full bodied wine and of course, the right select mushrooms. Did I say perfectly cooked golden brown garlic? Cut! Take two and that's a wrap. Like I said, no such thing as perfect. While dipping my chicken in flour for the perfect coating, wouldn't ya guess. My garlic frying in the pan was giving off that dreaded burnt smell that filled our beautiful kitchen. Yup. In the waste bucket goes the garlic, clean the pan, fresh new butter and I am standing there til the garlic goes golden :) Ah. Chicken Bordeaux Recipe I do things differently sometimes. That is just me. I want to mix it up a bit but as we all know, life is not perfect. Nor is this recipe under my mixin it up hands. Remember the nice dark texture of the mushroom sauce in the previous photo? Yup. Perfect for this photo shoot. I was soooo looking forward to the dark browns and luxurious feel of this recipe - but - not. I added way too much flour and water  and this came off with a lighter brown look. Good thing for the tomatoes, parsley, cream.... did I say cream? Yes, although the recipe did not call for it I added some heavy cream. That's me going mixin it up again. But that first bite? Oh boy... that first bite. This Chicken Bordeaux recipe may not be the number one recipe of all time for our family, but boy oh boy did we ever enjoy it. Chicken Bordeaux Recipe The side? Fresh baked hot buns with butter and your favorite wine. Perfect? Why, yes, it was :)