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RIchard Nixon's Avocado Salad
200 calories
Jelly Slice
282 calories
Jelly Slice Submitted by: Tisme

I got this recipe from the Australian Woman's Weekly many years ago. This is a favourite here in Australia, especially at Christmas and Birthdays. Of course the jelly colour can be changed but 99 per cent of the time it always...

Cathedral Window
163 calories
Cathedral Window Submitted by: JostLori

This is a gelatin dessert from the famous Goldilocks Bakeshop in the Philippines. It is made of cubes of flavored gelatin suspended in a creamy pineapple & milk flavored base. We had something similar in Mexico, but didn't include...

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(1) Review
Fluffy Pineapple Refrigerator Dessert
494 calories
Fluffy Pineapple Refrigerator Dessert Submitted by: Puggs

Summer perfect, you can use 2 cups of unwhipped whipping cream then whipped instead of the 3 cups of Cool Whip but I find whipped cream gets water after sitting in the fridge

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Mango Panna Cotta
244 calories
Mango Panna Cotta Submitted by: JostLori

This is a light and refreshing dessert that is easy to make. Mango and coconut milk layers make for a beautiful presentation, and the tropical flavors are hard to resist. Garnish each serving with a small dollop of whipped cream, a...

Refrigerator Orange Cream Cheese Creamsicle Bars
310 calories
Refrigerator Orange Cream Cheese Creamsicle Bars Submitted by: ComfortCook

Cool, creamy and delicious these bars are absolutely scrumptious! They are super easy and don’t take a lot of time, no baking here, perfect for summer!

Pepsi Salad a la Elvis
291 calories
Pepsi Salad a la Elvis Submitted by: dienia b

They said he liked Pepsi salad and I know I have a Coke salad but he was a Pepsi man and they don't switch real easy lol

Blueberry Jello Salad
567 calories
Coca-Cola Salad
314 calories
Coca-Cola Salad Submitted by: dienia b

They said this was really good with ham at Christmas

Elvis Presley's Coca-Cola Jello Salad
462 calories
7-Up Jello Salad, Elvis Presley
90 calories
7-Up Jello Salad, Elvis Presley Submitted by: dienia b

From The Life and Cuisine of Elvis Presley, by David Adler

Strawberry Bavarian Cream
108 calories
Strawberry Bavarian Cream Submitted by: TeresaS

"This is another great recipe out of an old Betty Crocker cookbook dated 1969. This is a very easy and tasty dessert. I hope you enjoy it. Prep time does not include chill time."

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(1) Review
Trfile In A Glass
281 calories
Trfile In A Glass Submitted by: Tisme

I found this in the Herald Sun, many years back. This is the same recipe I make for a quick and easy large trifle. Never thought of doing it this way! Its so easy with the ready made custard and and the bought jam rolls!

Raspberry Charlotte Russe
184 calories
Raspberry Charlotte Russe Submitted by: Mikekey

An elegant molded dessert. Cook time is refrigeration time.

Frog In The Pond
6 calories
Frog In The Pond Submitted by: Tisme

I used to make these for my kids for their parties and special occasions and they used to love them. It seems nearly every pub in Australia has these on the kids menu! lol I thought there would be a heap of these recipes around....but...

Toblerone Chocolate Mousse
771 calories
Toblerone Chocolate Mousse Submitted by: Tisme

This is such a smooth and decadent mousse. This mousse is very rich and so very delicious............ sinful yet totally worth the indulgence!

Maple Cream, Canada
533 calories
Three-Ingredient Chocolate Mousse
415 calories
Three-Ingredient Chocolate Mousse Submitted by: brandie

Whipped cream is not really an acceptable substitute in this recipe, sadly I know for a fact that it won’t hold up in the refrigerator for long. Name brand makes a difference here, use Cool Whip for best flavor and texture -- The...

Tofu Pudding
155 calories
Tofu Pudding Submitted by: Mikekey

To get the best texture for this dessert, use silken tofu. Serve this with a simple fruit sauce, such as strawberries. Cook time is refrigeration time.

Dreamsicle Pudding (WW)
422 calories
Dreamsicle Pudding (WW) Submitted by: Mikekey

Low fat, low sugar dessert. ! cup serving = 1 WW point. 2 hour cook time is refrigeration time.

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(2) Reviews
Velvet Salad
303 calories
Velvet Salad Submitted by: dienia b

A gelatin salad from Mrs. Harry Godkin from Elgin, NE. It has pineapple, cream cheese and Jello.