Menu Planning for the Week of June 30th through July 6th

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Menu Planning for the Week of June 30th through July 6th

Post by Kchurchill5 "RIP" Forever in our Kitchen » Fri Jun 29, 2012 11:52 am

Busy week of cooking here. Party Sat for a friend who is taking a great job in CA. His brother even flew in to help him move. Six (6) of us are throwing a going away party, and will all be over early in the am to help prepare. We are all making 2-3 dishes each, so it isn't too bad and many people pitched in with costs, so it will be pretty easy - and it isn't at my house, it is at the community clubhouse where he lives. Then the fourth. Big party at a friends farm and 6 of us pitched in on bringing lots of food and 3 of them will be helping me cook on Tues.

I hope everyone has a fantastic week and gets to enjoy the 4th. Hopefully a bit cooler than some of you have been. It is picture perfect here (sorry) ... Sunny, 87 and a light breeze.
SAT ...
California Party: There is about 24 of us all together
Appies - Tri Tip on skewers w/spicy dip, proscuitto fig pizza cut in wedges, dates stuffed w/almonds and wrapped in bacon
Salads - Greens w/artichokes, mushrooms and a white wine apricot vinaigrette, wine country rice and grape salad, sourdough bread
Dinner - Cioppino, roast chicken and olives
Dessert and Drinks - California beer, plenty of wine, blueberry mojitos, apple raisin tarts, toasted almond bark for everyone to take home
SUN ...
Bread: white
Me: Grilled salmon; leftover slaw from Fri; corn on the cob; strawberries
MON ...
Lady #1 and #2: Making them 2 meals each - 1 for today and another for the 4th. I'll just drop it off and they can just heat up what they want
Dinner 1 - BBQ pork tenderloins; broccoli slaw; roasted herb potato salad
Dinner 2 - Coffee braised brisket w/onions; bread; watermelon; carrot raisin salad
Me: Leftover brisket sandwiches w/BBQ sauce; sweet potato fries and watermelon
TUES ...
I will be smoking Smoked Citrus Chicken 6 chickens; and, Smoked Salmon 2 whole salmons. For a 4th party on Tues
Dinner: My 3 friends will be coming over for dinner and to prepare the remaining food for Wednesdays Party.
I picked up 4 lg cheese pizzas from my store (2/$5), we'll make them our own on the grill; one guy is bringing salad
Corn on the Cob with Four Different Flavored Toppings enough for 10 dz; Bloody Mary Steak with a Blue Cheese Sauce About 10 skirt steaks; and, Vegetable Stuffed Zucchini 40 squash (80 halves)
Lady #3: Cod w/Mediterranean tomato sauce; couscous w/pine nuts; sauteed kale; olive oil cake
Me: The remaining brisket made into a Shepherd's pie or a pot pie type dish; salad
FRI ...
Out or work
Breakfast: cottage cheese, yogurt, or fruit
Lunch: leftovers or soup
And ... don't forget to clean out your fridge, pantry and freezer!

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Re: Menu Planning for the Week of June 30th through July 6th

Post by HeatherFeather » Fri Jun 29, 2012 9:24 pm

Ok here are my meals:

Meal #1: Alice Springs Chicken (low carb version), still need to pick a side veg
Meal #2: Pizza Night (possibly homemade pizza hut pan pizzas)
Meal #3: Pioneer Woman's chili, possibly with cornbread

Leftovers Night: Chili Dogs (using leftover chili)
Leftovers Night: Possibly stuffed peppers, using more leftover chili OR soup & sandwich night
Freezer night: most likely pulling out some steaks & a chicken breast to grill, with mashed cauliflower and a green veg on the side
Eat out Night: most likely Asian

Dessert: still need to make either banana pudding, both DD and BF requested

I need to think about planning lunches again - with dd home during the summer and my bf here too, my leftovers don't last as long as they used to. They also aren't nearly as willing to eat leftovers for lunch as I am.

So far, I am leaning towards egg salad for DD and I, and then some turkey sandwiches and extra regular hot dogs for my bf (who doesn't like eggs much).

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Re: Menu Planning for the Week of June 30th through July 6th

Post by invictus » Mon Jul 02, 2012 5:51 pm

grilled pork tenderloin
grilled corn salad with grape tomatoes and honey lime vinagrette

turkey burgers
leftover corn salad



bacon burgers
potato salad
corn salad probably (kind of addicted to corn right now)
grilled mushrooms
oreo cookie ice box cake

cumin and citrus braised chicken

soup? haven't decided yet

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Re: Menu Planning for the Week of June 30th through July 6th

Post by HeatherFeather » Wed Jul 04, 2012 11:48 am

Made the Pioneer Woman chili, which went over rather well. Had it one night as just chili, the next as chili dogs. It was nice and thick, so it was a good hot dog topping. I have less left over than I had expected, so I might not have enough for stuffed peppers - although I am going to try to stretch it, maybe adding some rice to bulk up what is left.

I also made the banana pudding (recipe on the Nilla wafers box) which went over well too, although I still haven't found my perfect version yet.

I can't believe how many desserts I have been making ever since my bf arrived! I have been trying to avoid eating any of them, just a tiny bit now and then. I usually make now more than 1 dessert each week, and some weeks, I make only a fruit salad :D or jello. The pudding is half gone and I made it last night!

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