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Grandma Edith's Strawberry Pie
300 calories
Grandma Edith's Strawberry Pie Submitted by: acerast

This pie is a my husband's grandmother's recipe. She made this with me once after picking strawberries together on a sunny afternoon. It is a family favorite and is usually on our table in late Spring, early Summer. ...

Three-Ingredient Chocolate Mousse
415 calories
Three-Ingredient Chocolate Mousse Submitted by: brandie

Whipped cream is not really an acceptable substitute in this recipe, sadly I know for a fact that it won’t hold up in the refrigerator for long. Name brand makes a difference here, use Cool Whip for best flavor and texture -- The...

Refrigerator Strawberry Pie
307 calories
Refrigerator Strawberry Pie Submitted by: ComfortCook

This is easy and SO SO good!

Refrigerator Orange Cream Cheese Creamsicle Bars
310 calories
Refrigerator Orange Cream Cheese Creamsicle Bars Submitted by: ComfortCook

Cool, creamy and delicious these bars are absolutely scrumptious! They are super easy and don’t take a lot of time, no baking here, perfect for summer!

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50 Dollar Salad
590 calories
50 Dollar Salad Submitted by: dienia b

Convent Cookery 1983. this is a fluffy tart salad that really tastes great . i used thawed cool whip instead of whipping cream

Libbies Raspberry Gelatine Salad
143 calories
Libbies Raspberry Gelatine Salad Submitted by: dienia b

Very old Jell-O salad; uses sour cream, bananas, and pineapple. this is a very good pot luck dessert . the sour cream gives just the right tartness

Luella's Orange Salad
137 calories
Luella's Orange Salad Submitted by: dienia b

Dodge Extension Cookbook 1976. Has orange juice and mandarin oranges; really orangey.

Angel Food  Dessert
236 calories
Angel Food Dessert Submitted by: dienia b

old recipe from mother kossman its a jello filling with /for angel food cake since donald was in his 90's ,this is a really old recipe , it makes a ton of sauce so you could cut sauce in half

Pink Bavarian Crown Strawberry Dream Supreme
271 calories
Pink Bavarian Crown Strawberry Dream Supreme Submitted by: dienia b

Made with Dream Whip, strawberry Jell-O and angel food cake. I'm putting Cool Whip instead of Dream Whip or real whipping cream which recipe calls for.

Kossman Strawberry Rice Cream
329 calories
Kossman Strawberry Rice Cream Submitted by: dienia b

From Darlene Kossman. It's a very old recipe that looks very good jello pineapple and strawberries

Strawberry Frosting
1659 calories
Strawberry Frosting Submitted by: dienia b

Old cooked frosting recipe made with strawberry Jell-O and egg whites. Yield 1 cup

Strawberry Jell-O Dessert
615 calories
Jello Pudding Parfaits
231 calories
Jello Pudding Parfaits Submitted by: dienia b

This is unbelievably simple and just good. Pretty and easy. Mom Florence made them for us all the time when I was growing up. Kids love this.

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Creamy Peach Pie
266 calories
Creamy Peach Pie Submitted by: dienia b

From a hand written 1941 book. Uses canned peaches. It's a pretty nice pie. a pet canned milk recipe no real cooking with this one

Maple Cream Pie
361 calories
Maple Cream Pie Submitted by: dienia b

From Darlene Kossmman. Very old recipe.needs chill time

Cheese Cake Treat
261 calories
Cheese Cake Treat Submitted by: dienia b

Darlene Kossman made this for art and vendettas linds anniversary in 1955, it has cottage cheese and is orange flavored looks beautiful she said it was very good, not baked, cooked on stove top and chilled for 6 hours that's part...

Apricot Cloud Salad
376 calories
Apricot Cloud Salad Submitted by: dienia b

Dodge County Extension 1976. Jell-O, apricots, and whipping cream.

Velvet Salad
303 calories
Velvet Salad Submitted by: dienia b

A gelatin salad from Mrs. Harry Godkin from Elgin, NE. It has pineapple, cream cheese and Jello.

Maple Cream, Canada
533 calories
7-Up Jello Salad, Elvis Presley
90 calories
7-Up Jello Salad, Elvis Presley Submitted by: dienia b

From The Life and Cuisine of Elvis Presley, by David Adler

Elvis Presley's Coca-Cola Jello Salad
462 calories