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What WAS on Your Plate & WHAT'S for Dinner 3/13/17-3/14/17

Not sure what to make for dinner? Find out what member's have on their menu for tonight, it's a great way to pick up meal ideas

Well, I got called in to work early; and, been in the field all day. Got about 15-20 minutes to catch up; then, back to work.

Today's Cooking ...
I made the same recipe for Ladies #1 and #2 today, as I did for Lady #3, yesterday. The butternut stuffed shells, brussels salad; and, roasted pears. I dropped everything off last night. They just had to reheat the shells today.

Me: The boys and I are just going to order in. What I don't know; there, isn't much around us - so, we may have to pick it up.

Warming us some leftover stew for tonight I really don't cook on Mondays :D

Tonight it was just sausage gravy over biscuits.

A new skillet meal recipe made with ground beef and a box of mac and cheese it was not bad I'm not sure if I would make it again though :?

Lovin, there is nothing better than a bowl of biscuits and gravy.
Pepper, Hey, at least it was a homemade meal. Better than take out or fast food.

Yesterday from late day and on; we had a really bad line of storms roll through. Actually, we had a tornado warning right in my area. There was some pretty bad damage, just a couple of miles from me.

Today's Cooking ...
Lady #3+4: Lady #3+3: ... ired-22932 ... ired-23064 ... ired-23020 mixed greens w/sesame dressing

Me: Having to work tonight; so, the boys and me will just eat there. Since, no rain; the boys are going to grill burgers (the classic cheese, onion, tomato, lettuce, etc). Since their treat last night. I will take a big pot of jazzed up baked beans, ... salad-1736 and romaine hearts to grill w/blue cheese dressing.

KC, glad to hear you're OK from the storms. We got snow last night, not as bad as the Northeast coastline is going to get.
Today I have some ground turkey thawing. Don't know for sure what I'm going to make with it yet. Getting ready to go to the spa for a facial and pampering. My son is very generous and gets me gift certificates so that I can go 4 times a year.

Sounds wonderful. Because of my rheumatoid, I get a massage monthly. IT is HEAVEN ON EARTH. I also get a facial there too now and then. I never liked them before; but, they do a real intensive and deep massage with is great.
You have a good son!! ENJOY!

Yep, lucky, just windy; up to 70 mph by my back door.
Turkey sounds good ... sometimes, I'm sort of ... NOW what? Go out and relax first.

Last night I made pork rind breaded chicken breasts with green beans and white corn. Loved how the chicken turned out. Just crushed pork rinds with seasonings and egg white to make them stick, then pan fried in a little avocado oil.

Just some frozen pierogys for tonight with sour cream :)


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